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Why can't I add a fountain under my front yard roof ?

by Tigerrun777

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Why can't I add a fountain under my front yard roof ?

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 I try to place a fountain square and it says blocks on adjacent levels must not touch. I have the b b. move objects cheat on and it wont let me draw one in connected to the statues.

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Re: Why can't I add a fountain under my front yard roof ?

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@Tigerrun777 I've tried a number of things and cannot reproduce the warning with the combination of items I tried. I tried the following. Please look at my list and at the screenshot and tell me what's different and what I need to tweak in my test to reproduce your factors:

  • I enabled the " bb.moveobjects on " cheat, per your instructions.
  • I made a building and added a 'wall' fountain/structure on the right of this area, as it looked like this was in your build. 
  • I added the small statues and yard lights.
  • I added plants that actually overhung the area a bit think ing this may be more likely to trigger the issue.
  • I drew the fountain up to the line of lights and statues, and even up to the building.
  • I did not hunt down the exact plants you used.

I do have a few clarifying questions/statements:

  • Am I remembering correctly that you're on console? Can I ask which?
  • Which packs do you have?
  • Is your game fully updated?
  • Can I ask which world/town and which lot you're building this on?
  • I may want to try the exact plants that you used. Were they all from build mode or were any of them from debug?

fountain 2.jpg

Thank you! I look forward to your feedback. 


SheriGR Coffee cup I don’t work for EA

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Re: Why can't I add a fountain under my front yard roof ?

★ Apprentice

I am on ps4 and my game is up to date, I am building this in Forgotten Hollow world and I used cheat bb. show hidden objects aswell as bb. move objects, bb. ignore gameplay unlocks entitlement all turned on, I was told to delete roof above me to make this work which I cant because I have a 3 story house with this fountain under the roof that is connected to my rooms above.

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Re: Why can't I add a fountain under my front yard roof ?

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@Tigerrun777 Thank you for the additional information. I have tried the following but still cannot reproduce the error. I tried the following:

  • I enabled bb.moveobjects on.
  • I moved the lot to Avarice Acres in Forgotten Hollow.
  • I made the building 3 stories. I added roofing above the area and on the whole build.
  • I tried with just a room over the area, just a roof over the area, and both a roof and room over the area.
  • I also tried adding a room over the area on 2nd floor.

So... I am wondering if there is something in this case specific to the layout and items that I am not correctly reproducing. :

  • Could you please add more screenshots that shot the top-down layout of each floor, the roof layout, plus a shot of the front of the entire building showing this area that has walls up on all floors and roof?
  • Is this a building you made entirely or is it a remodel of one that came in the world - and if so which one?
  • What lot is it built on in Forgotten Hollow? 
  • Is the lot designated residential?

I look forward to your additional information. Thank you so much! 

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