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The Sims 4

by AnnieMaxwell

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The Sims 4

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Anyone have this issue with Sims 4? Once I go to a Sims home, I cannot actively play with that Sim, the Sim is not there, and the home is empty even though the SIM window states that the Sim is home. I have no control over the Sim. The only time I may be able to actively control the Sim is if I visit another location with that Sim but once I take the Sim to their home residence, I encounter this problem. 


In addition, if I have a Sim household with many members, I may be able to actively control 2-3 out of 5 or 6 household members Once I take a Sim out to explore and return them to their home, I have lost activity control of all the Sims in that household. So essentially, it is a similar problem as in above.


I have tried the Reset Sim cheat codes. I have uninstalled Origin and reinstalled. I started a new game and noticed that I do not have this issue in a new game However, all the Sim households I created in the previous game are nonexistent in the new game and I would like to continue utilizing the Sims in the current game. 


Is this making sense? Lol. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks. 

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