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Suggestion: Throw Away Garbage / Public Cleaners

by burin077

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Suggestion: Throw Away Garbage / Public Cleaners

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Product: The Sims 4
I want to talk about something you don't mention above:
How accessible is the current experience? It's overall fine
Summarize what in the product is difficult to use. Cleaning/Removing Garbage from the Neighborhood that non-active Sims leave.
How is this making it more difficult? It's leaving cups and plates all over the neighborhood, which eventually cause filthy environments that bother nearby Sims.
How can we reproduce this experience? Play the game with any neighborhood that has a street vendor; NPC sims will buy cups and plates of food/drink from them, and then leave the garbage there rather than put it in their inventory, or toss it in the nearest garbage can. (Sometimes there's no garbage can nearby.)

Suggestion: Throw Away Garbage / Public Cleaners

Type of Suggestion: Environmental

Time of Request: 12/20/18 (1:11 AM CST)

Reason for Request: Environmental Issues / Bad/Filthy Surroundings outside of Active Lot


Description: As early as the City Living expansion, there has been a larger amount of garbage and refuse that has been showing up around various neighborhoods that is not able to be cleaned up without multiple queue-ups of "Pick Up" rather than the option to "Throw Away." The "Throw Away" option is greyed out, and usually when you put your cursor over it, it says something about there not being a trash can nearby. (I assume it's because a trash can is out of range.) This issue seems to happen most frequently in older neighborhoods, such as Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, and even some areas of Newcrest. It's not technically a bug (Since it's following the logic of how far away a trash can is), however it is becoming problematic when non-active Sims are using street vendors to buy things, then leaving the garbage all over the ground where you can't clean it up, resulting in Bad/Filthy Environment Moodlets due to stinking garbage. What's more, you can't drag/drop the garbage from the neighborhood, so instructing Sims seems to be the only option to clean up the neighborhood. I have three proposed suggestions to address this issue:

- Suggestion 1: Remove the detection range for throwing out garbage; if anything, allow a Sim to Pick Up garbage and just bring it to the nearest garbage can. As an element for Evil Sims or Slob Sims, you could even add a unique interaction here to throw garbage out in a fishing spot or water source, giving whatever sim uses that water source next a negative moodlet for using a polluted/filthy source.


- Suggestion 2: Allow Sims to put pieces of garbage in their inventory. Sims already have the ability to put food items in their inventory, so why not allow them to do this? You could balance it so that it couldn't be overly abused by adding the Bad/Filthy Moodlet on the Sim carrying the garbage in their inventory until they dispose of it. (This wouldn't affect Slob sims, of course; it would significantly affect Neat or Squeamish Sims, however.)

- Suggestion 3: I notice there's already service Sims that work in the neighborhood (Such as public gardeners/landscapers); maybe update their AI or create a new walk-by Sim that cleans up the neighborhood? I know this might be a little isolated for Get To Work, but having suspects that have been arrested and found guilty would be interesting to see doing community service as punishment for their actions.


I of course welcome all input or debate in regards to these suggestions; I mostly wanted to bring this issue up since it's been bothersome for a while, and I've mostly had to use mods to clean up the neighborhood in place of a game-level resolution.


- B

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Re: Suggestion: Throw Away Garbage / Public Cleaners

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Re: Suggestion: Throw Away Garbage / Public Cleaners


@burin077, yes this is a huge problem!  And if you have the  Seasons EP, the leaf piles in Autumn become stinky and some of those also have the same problem.  Even if you manage to burn one down to a pile of ashes, you still sometimes cant clean those ashes up! AngryDisappointed  This is especially bad in Forgotten Hollow  (Vampires GP)where there are no public trashcans! Teeth baredSick

I like your solutions to this problem! High five I hope they give us a solution soon!!! Fingers crossedAngel

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Re: Suggestion: Throw Away Garbage / Public Cleaners

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@burin077 @PugLove888 I'm in! Your suggestions sound great and I give the suggestion of overhauling and addressing the public trash behaviors, reactions and solutions for community sims (and all sims) in the games a big 'thumbs up'. And I have not played the Forgotten Hollow (Vampires GP) but yes, @PugLove888 , they should definitely give them public trash cans!


Personally, I am in love with the little trash can that disposes of it all. (No need to empty the trash, etc.) Standard smile

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