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Sports Living- Idea

by Kuszabavg

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Sports Living- Idea

★★★ Newbie

- A new world with 10 lots

- Take your Sims to NPC vs. NPC or SIM vs. NPC hockey, soccer or basketball matches which change weekly

- Three stadiums : soccer, hockey, basketball

-  Create your own team (as a trainer) or join an already existing one ( as a player) and match against NPC teams weekly

- Other careers are snack guy/gal and referee

- New skills are soccer, hockey, martial arts and golf

- Learn martial arts in the Dojo or golfing in the "Llama Courses" 

- Two new aspirations are " true fan" and " might-do-all"

- Create your own stadiums, dojos or golf course

- 200 new sporty Create-a-Sim and Build Mode items.

- If owning Get Famous, Sims can be famous players not just actors

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Re: Sports Living- Idea

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@Kuszabavg, not only do I love your idea Soccer ballFootballBasketball, but I think it is unique! Heart  Most suggestions are for things that were in TS1, TS2, or TS3 , so it is really nice to see a suggestion of a pack fully devoted to something new.  Yes, we have had sports represented before in previous versions of the Sims , but it was in a hobby pack and not one fully devoted just to sports!  I would prefer this to be a Game Pack because I feel a Stuff Pack would be too small to adequately include all the features you suggested.  (I also don't know if it would be quite big enough for an Expansion Pack).  Wondering  Also, the snack guy/gal should be called snack vendors. Wink


I would make one major addition; baseball!   I know that baseball is very popular not just in the U.S., but it is also popular in many Spanish speaking countries , be they in North, Central, our South America. Standard smile  


I also would expand you golf idea to have not only real golf, but to add miniature golf and allow children to play ! Party hat (I would also love to design our own miniature golf courses as well.)  If they were to take all of your ideas, plus add baseball and mini golf, (and maybe  a few other things) then it might be big enough for an Expansion Pack! Raised eyebrow


And I almost forgot to mention you can suggest your idea on the official Sims 4 forums here:


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Re: Sports Living- Idea

★★ Guide

Well, that certainly wouldn't be a small pack. It would be bigger than every expansion pack we currently have... at least a dozen new jobs, new content, entirely new gameplay mechanics, lots of new skills... geez, it might be bigger than all other expansion packs combined... and the cost would likely reflect that.

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Re: Sports Living- Idea


@Psychotps, but if EA did a pack like this they probably wouldn't include everything from @Kuszabavg 's list. they would have to pare it down some.  Wink

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Re: Sports Living- Idea

★★ Guide
@PugLove888 True, If they incorporated everything, it'd be expensive as heck. A lot of players prefer... lower prices and likely wouldn't purchase it. If I know EA, chances are, they'd break it down into a half-dozen smaller packs and charge full current price for it.
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