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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5

by mhoney

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Sims 5 - Speculations & Ideas

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Is there going to be a sims 5 game if so when is it going to be released 

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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5


@12becca, no one knows! Thinking  Most of us who answer questions here are volunteers.  While there are a few who do work for EA, they either don't know the answer to that themselves, or if they do know, they aren't allowed to say anything yet. Wink


However, it has been stated that the Sims 4 will last longer than TS1, TS2, or TS3 did. This lets EA have a stretched out timeline for releasing all the packs that go with it.  That is why we are only getting one Expansion Pack (EP) each year (with 2 Game Packs (GP), and several Stuff Packs(SP) per year).  So the end of TS4 is not near! Standard smile   Also, there isn't even a guarantee that there will be a TS5!  But if there is going to be a TS5, it won't be for a while! Wink

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Is there going to be a Sims 5

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This is more for what I would like to see in Sims 5 if there is going to be one. First I like the expansion packs but I don't like having to buy a bunch of them so I would put the expansion packs in for free and able to download the packs the user wants. It would be fine if then the price of Sims 5 goes up but I will still know that I am getting a lot in return. Another thing is I want more jobs the Sims can do. Because when I get older I want to be a Mechanical Engineer and the only thing that is close to that in Sims 4 is Tech Guru. The game is great right now but I fell like there is more EA can do with it. I would also want more maps/worlds that my Sims can live in. Also o feel like you could also add more things on working like you can go with you Sim to work and do things at the place they work like little thing they can do at work like Sims FreePlay. I would also love if you could have a bigger family than 8 Sims. Because the other day I was playing with 6 young adults Sims and I wanted them all to have kids but I could only have 2 of the pairs have a kid. But all in all Sims 4 is a really great game and I am so excited for Sims 5 when it does come out.
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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5

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Get mc command centre mod. Then you can have like 100 people in a house at a time Standard smile

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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5

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Long story short you want the Sims 3. Open world, all the jobs you can think of, and more. If the Sims 4 was a better version of Sims 3, I would be sold but load screens are a let down.
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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5


While the open world in TS3 was great in many respects, it was troublesome in others!  For example, having a large open world would make the game run slower and slower as time went on especially if you had all the Expansions and Stuff Packs.  Also, you would go to a venue at night and no one would be around at that venue and you would have to search the whole Sim world to find other Sims to interact with or complete tasks and wants.  TS4 tried to combine what worked for TS2 and TS3 to give us something in between with semi-open neighborhoods, but now everyone wants TS3-style open worlds. But if we were to get those again, most people would complain how the game grinds to a halt!

Personally, my favorite thing from TS3 wasn't the open world, it was the Color/Pattern Wheel Heart but I had so many pre-saved patterns that it took forever to load! Devil This really bogged down my game.  It was like eating dessert all the time; I really wanted it, but regretted indulging in it!  LOL EmbarrassedOopsLarge smile

I appreciate EA trying to solve these problems and think they came up with a pretty good compromise, but it is impossible for them to please everybody!  (For example, I can live without the Color Wheel if they would just put more choices of color for each item.  Some items don't have a green or red or whatever and it is hard to match! ) 

I am curious as to what they would do with TS5!  Angel

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Sims 5? Is there going to be one?

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From looking back into all the release dates about every 4 to 5 years they release a new sims. So we are going on year 3 with sims 4 being out. in the next year or 2 are they going to make another sims game? I am just wondering.

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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?

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I hope there is.
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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?

We don't know, you'll probably find out at the same time as us if there even will be a The Sims 5.


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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?


@kirpaige13, I have heard some SimGurus mention that the run of The Sims 4 would be longer than TS1, TS2, or TS3.  this makes sense since they are only releasing one Expansion Pack a year, unlike the other  versions of the Sims.  So, I wouldnt' look for TS5 to come about any time soon.  Perhaps in another 3-6 years? Thinking But like @Phantomlover1717 stated, we don't really know! Wink

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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?

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Thanks! I love sims 4 even more then 3. I was just curious because I wanted to buy an expansion pack and a stuff pack but my boyfriend wanted me to look up to see when sims 5 would come out before I got them
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