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Sims 4 expansion pack suggestion

by Ultra_Violet1397

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Sims 4 expansion pack suggestion

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So, I was playing the Sims 4 Vampire pack, and realized that on the TV my Sims are watching a werewolf show. After seeing this I thought back to the Sims 3 supernatural pack, did some thinking, and thought of a pack idea. What if there was a pack that you could be an angel, a demon, a shape-shifter-looking thing, or a zombie? This pack would be a creature feature pack where you could be what you are in a friendly but spooky environment. You could hang out in a graveyard, or even swim in the red ocean. Also, if you have the Pet Pack, this would include a pet fruit bat, a skeleton cat/dog, or a hellhound.

Features for the creatures:
Angel: large wings that can be fold up on the Sims back and a halo

Demon: different shaped horned, tails, and teeth.

Shape-shifter: different shape changing; such as a wolf, a tiger, or a hawk.

Zombie: ghoul like look, different walking option, test option, and glazed eye option.

Thoughts on if this would be cool for a pack guys?


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Re: Sims 4 expansion pack suggestion

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I definitely was hoping that TS4 would include something more similar to TS3 Supernatural, as vampires alone aren't my favorite. I always loved playing fairies and witches, and I also remember adoring the fortune teller career back in Moonlight Falls, as well as building little kooky gypsy trailers. Ah, the nostalgia. Hopefully we get more supernatural additions eventually, whether as a full expansion or just a game pack.


I've always kind of expected TS4 to eventually feature similar gameplay as seen in most of the popular TS3 expansions - like university, island paradise, seasons, into the future, etc. - and hopefully over time we do see similar additions to TS4. I think so far EA has done a pretty decent job of giving us a balance of totally new content along with revamped versions of our TS3 favorites.

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Re: Sims 4 expansion pack suggestion

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Hey Standard smile

Yeah I think they made that tv show/movie from Sims 3 to feature on Sims 4. Took me a while to realise that as I have never played Sims 3. I believe that EA Games or Maxis or somewhat - brain is too scrambled to remember exactly - but when Sims 4 expansion pack of Island Living was being released, they also announced another pack that was stated/hinted to be 'Supernatural'. Witches, werewolves and fairies? I think that was brought up. There could be more! Yeah, when just vampires came out I was a little stunned they didn't put it in all together but at least they are going to hopefully release that pack soon. Reeeaaally want to get all spooky in my game. Hope there will be a dope new location and outfits and stuff.

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Re: Sims 4 expansion pack suggestion

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@RogueToad16 yeah I think all the television and movie scenes that your sims can watch in TS4 were scenes created with TS3 actually! I like sometimes watching what my sims are watching to see what scenes I remember from the various TS3 packs.

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