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Sims 4 PS4 Pro Enhancements

by LiamSmith016

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Sims 4 PS4 Pro Enhancements

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Does anybody know what the PS4 Pro enhancements are? I see the box has the PS4 Pro enhanced label but I can't find any information anywhere as to what the differences are between playing on a standard PS4 and playing on a PS4 Pro. Thanks.
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Re: Sims 4 PS4 Pro Enhancements

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@LiamSmith016   I suggest going and reading the information at this link. It may help you with your decision.

I can say that it seems the Pro is more for those that have the 4K TV.  But some have bought it without having the TV and didn't regret it.

Hope this helps.


Happy Simmin  Standard smile

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Re: Sims 4 PS4 Pro Enhancements

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no where on that link does it ever mention anything about sims4, his question was about sims 4 enhancments...

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