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Popular Now default

by schnuck01

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Popular Now default

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First, I would like to say that a lot of the gallery changes are positive from the name of the creator on top, the hash tags and the follow button, HOWEVER, the default to 'popular now' is a huge mistake as new builds are not being seen and people with a ton of followers will dominate the most popular section and not necessarily because their creations are good, but simply because they have a large following. New creators will not get seen at all and has already affected my upload and several other creators after the change.

Please change this back to newest first as this keeps the playing field level. Thank you. 

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Re: Popular Now default

I agree with you on this! I've seen it happen in the latest Sims live stream as well. They mentioned more updates to the gallery would be coming, so hopefully it gets fixed in them!


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Re: Popular Now default

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This has really killed the gallery for a lot of creators, that and the horrible glitchiness, perpetual sorting/sync issues and slowness.


There's a lot of us whose Sims game play consists of creating content and sharing. The gallery update in combination with the instability of the gallery is a total disaster.

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Re: Popular Now default

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Seeing the gallery you can tell this change has drastically affected those with few followers.   I strongly agree with @schnuck01, if it is affecting her and she has a couple thousand followers, imagine those of us with few.  Hoping this will be rethought. 

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