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by NiiicoleH

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My cat will not stop meowing... it says shes scared of something and will need a few minutes its been like a day though. she started doing this after she bred with a cat i added to my household

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Re: Pets


@NiiicoleHwhen she meows, does she have any thought bubbles above her head? Wondering  These will usually give you a clue to what the problem is.  Wink



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Re: Pets

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No, she just meows constantly after breeding, and when i ask her whats wrong, it doesnt say whats she scared of.

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Re: Pets


@NiiicoleH, Wondering Hmmm... I don't know! Embarrassed  Maybe she's afraid she will have kittens?!? WinkLarge smile LOL  It could be a sign that she is pregnant, but I haven't attempted breeding yet in my game.  Is It only after breeding that she does this?  Is she still doing this?  Is there an option to calm her down or comfort her?  You could try taking her to a pet park or some other venue off your home lot and see if that helps.  It might be best to take her to a place that requires a loading screen incase she needs to "reset". Wink Give that a try and please come back and update us! 

Best of luck! Standard smile

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