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PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

by UnkeptWand10

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PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

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Had anyone heard anything for when the cats and dogs expansion will come to ps4 ?! It’s been about 6 months since we got sims 4 on console and I’ve been waiting for this expansion ever since !
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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

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Would definitely be nice to get a better list of release dates than the rumored ones all over the internet.  We'll hopefully get something this month but the fact that they don't seem to be announcing these things very far in advance is a little weird. I mean, we got the announcement for Get To Work only 12 days before it was released. (which also sort of proved that a lot of the rumored lists are/were wrong.)   Heck, I'd be fine with a "here's what we're working on and here's some tentative release dates" announcement.

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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion


@vyvexthorne@UnkeptWand10 , the fact of the matter is that no one knows when (or if) anything will be released until it is announced.  Most of us helping people and answering questions are volunteers and don't work for EA.  Those that do work for EA either don't know themselves, or if they do they aren't allowed to say! Wink


Since y'all are Console players, you at least know a bit more than us who are PC players know about what is coming eventually, since you can look to see what packs are available on PC already and then you can find out which ones were the most popular (and therefore more likely to be released to Consoles sooner than less popular packs).  So you can at least make an educated guess. Standard smile  PC players are more in the dark. Raised eyebrow  We do know that EA releases EPs around the fall, and we can guess that it is a bit more probable that we get more asked for expansions (such as Seasons or University), but they can always think up an EP for us that we would have never thought of! WinkLarge smile


Happy Simming! Party hat

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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

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The difference is is that when things are announced for the PC they get heavily advertised. People get preview copies and it's blasted all over youtube weeks in advance.   Get to work had absolutely no advertisement when released to console.  I didn't even know that it was coming out until I booted up the game and saw that there was a new expansion slot in the menu.  When budgeting game funds it's nice to know if something is going to come out so you can plan accordingly.

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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion


@vyvexthorne, that is very true, especially what you said about budgeting game funds! Raised eyebrow  I think the reason that there isn't a lot of advertisement for the Console versions is that the actual material isn't considered new, even though the platform is.  (Of course it all is new to you if you never had it on PC to begin with!) Angel


There might be a couple of things you can do to keep a heads up:

You could find a Sims 4 fan site that also keeps up with the Console version.  They might have contacts from EA that might keep them updated.

You can frequently check local game retailers (like GameStop or WalMart, etc.) and either check their website, or ask if they have any news on any upcoming Sims 4 packs for consoles .

You can frequently check this page:

You might follow some Sim Gurus on Twitter (some will hint at upcoming releases before they are officially announced, but as I'm not on Twitter Embarrassed , I can't give you the names just yet).


Also, since budgeting is extremely difficult when you don't know when something is coming out, then just always set aside a few extra dollars here or there in a "Sims Fund" for yourself.  Even if you don't save up all the money by the time the next release is announced, at least this way you'll have a head start!  (My guess is that it would be most logical to release packs during Summer and right before Christmas, but if you have some money put aside, then you will be more prepared for any surprise releases! ) Wink 


I hope some of these suggestions help you!  Happy Simming! Party hat



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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

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The list at SimsVIP was starting to prove correct. Well, originally Get to Work was supposed to be Cats & Dogs but maybe it was to be and it was the development team that had to change it for whatever reason. I don’t care if the dates turn out correct, as it seems to be with Parenthood. I just hope they keep with a monthly release seclude. 


I know they can’t give us info such detail as mentioned above. One reason for this is I suspect they will abandon the console version if sales don’t do well. I just wish we got at least a month’s notice for releases. But, who knows, maybe they can’t give us that much notice for a variety of reasons. 


I’m just keen to get the game and expansion packs. Don’t care abut stuff packs. I only have them because they were on sale and I’ll do the same for the rest when (if) they are released. 

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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

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It comes out the 31st of July 2018

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Re: PS4 cats & dogs Expansion

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I pre ordered mine and I hadn’t come yet so I’m pretty shook right now.

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