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Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims

by MavandClide

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Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims

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I'm just super annoyed with how many outfits that work for cold weather (sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, etc) aren't in the Cold Weather category for women. There are only like 6 or 7 tops for women teen - elder which seems extremely inaccurate. I don't really know what else to say except for there to be more acceptable outfits for Cold Weather added to Cold Weather! (This topic includes full body wear as well).

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Re: Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims

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@MavandClide, any outfit can work as a cold weather outfit as long as you set it to your Cold Weather Outfit category.  So, either in CAS when making a Sim or whenever you "Plan Wardrobe" on a dresser or closet, you need to click on the Cold Weather category with the snowflake on the far right of they clothing category types.  Once you do this you will see the pre-selected clothing choices (that you mentioned) as defaults for this category.  You will also see tags like "feminine" "party" , "cold weather" above the clothing to choose from.  Hover your mouse over these tags and there will be an "X" on the tag next to the description and then click on which ever tag you don't want (in your case "cold weather".   (You can get rid of the other tags like feminine, masculine, etc. as well)  Now all the clothing will be available to wear as cold weather clothing as long as you are in the cold weather category at the top right of the page with the snowflake . You will be protected from the effects of cold weather as long as the outfit you are out in is from one of your cold weather selections! The tags were only a default suggestion as to what would be considered appropriate for cold weather clothing items. Wink The same goes for Hot Weather … which ever item you set as your hot weather clothing will protect you  from over heating even if it is a parka and snow boots! It is the clothing you pick to wear as your hot/cold outfits that protect you from the elements, and not the default tags.  

So if there is a long sleeved shirt or a shirt with a denim jacket that isn't tagged as "cold weather" you can still set these as your cold weather outfits if you want! Cool  And there are a lot of sweaters and other tops that don't have the cold weather tag that you can still use!

(This is how I am able to give all my married Sims wedding rings to wear even with their athletic outfits, swimwear, or pajamas … I just pick their outfits and then when I go into accessories I just delete the "sleepwear", "athletic" and "swimwear" tags and it allows me to put wedding rings on my Sims no matter what! )


Just remember it is not the tags that protect your Sim from the elements, but the category you assign the clothing to that protects your Sim!  So put that bikini on your Sim and go build a snowman! Large smile  


Now you still might think there aren't' enough clothing items for women that look like cold weather clothing; but I would bet that there will be more as EA releases more packs.  Prior to this, there wasn't a big need for Sims to have a lot of clothing that looks like clothing you would wear for winter, other than for looks/variety --but  now there is a need! Raised eyebrow


Bellow are some sweaters that aren't tagged as "Cold Weather" but you can still set to your Cold Weather category if you remove the tag:

07-31-18_12-02-32 AM.png07-31-18_12-02-58 AM.png07-31-18_12-03-08 AM.png07-31-18_12-03-12 AM.png

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Re: Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims

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Pretty Hilarious to go swimming in the Winter with no ill effects.Standard smile

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Re: Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims


@jpkarlsen, yes that would be hilarious! Large smile  I don't think you could actually go swimming in winter and not have the cold effect you since you automatically change into your swimsuit category from any other category.  So even if you had a bikini as your cold weather outfit, you would change out of your cold weather outfit into your swim outfit, and therefore you would feel the effect of the cold even if your swim outfit was a heavy coat and wool cap.Wink  But you can make a snow angel and build a snowman in a swimsuit or underwear that is set as your cold outfit. :eahigh_file:  Here is a Sim of mine playing in the snow in her underwear that is set as her cold weather outfit:

07-30-18_11-38-06 PM.png07-30-18_11-38-43 PM.png07-30-18_11-38-48 PM.png07-30-18_11-39-24 PM.png

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Re: Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims

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Thank you! I do know about the category X-ing out trick which is what I use for my sims when I want to use CC (since none of the CC has been updated to correspond with Hot / Cold Weather wear) and for the sweaters, jackets, etc. I was really just stating how there should be more options that get put down. Maybe this thread will help someone who doesn't know about that X-ing trick?
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Re: Not enough Cold Weather torsos for female - elder sims


@MavandClide, my guess is that there will be more clothing that will look like cold weather clothing as new packs come out. Wink  I can't promise that, but there should be at least a few more items as we get more EPs, GPs, and SPs for the Sims 4. For example, if there is ever going to be a University pack, I would assume that there would be a few more coats and sweaters included. Angel  And there also could be a future SP for additional cold weather looks sort of like how toddlers got their own SP with additional clothing etc.  Standard smile   I would think that since Seasons is such a game-changing/all encompassing pack with a lot of new elements resulted in some of the cold weather clothing ending up getting cut from the pack. Raised eyebrow  

Also, since you are a fan of CC, then I would assume that as time goes on the makers of CC will be making articles of Cold Weather clothing for us to download. Cool (Not having a lot of EA created clothing suitable for cold weather is more of a problem for someone like me who never uses CC! Embarrassed Large smile )   

Happy Simming! Party hat


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