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Re: Sims 4 Screens Causing Serious Migraines

by InfiniteVerve

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Re: Sims 4 Screens Causing Serious Migraines

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The Sims team is working on some adjustments.
SimGuruFrost posted on Twitter today.
""Simmers, we heard your feedback regarding the colour usage on our loading screen and are making adjustments. Below is the current loading screen and underneath is the new loading screen which will go live in our August patch.""
Know that help is on the way for those with sensitivities triggered by the new colors.
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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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Help is on the way for those sensitive to the new color scheme.

SimGuruFrost - Community Manager verified on Twitter today the team is working on adjusting the color scheme.

Changes will be available in the August patch.

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The Sims 4 new branding design

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I suffer from photo-sensitivity and migraines. This week TS4 introduced a new branding for the game that includes new loading screen and new recoloring for the packs. After updating the game I find myself unable to look at my screen while the game loading, even for a few seconds, as it causing me headaches immediately. Also as playing the game my eyes get easily strained from trying to differ between the packs icons, as now they are all the same colors and the coloring between expansion packs and game packs is too similar. I find this change even affecting my ability to watch videos about the sims when showcasing these screens. I know many people have showed complains about this on social media. I'm all for new branding and fresh look, but I hope you will make adjustments to the color tones and brightness so we all would be able to enjoy the game as always. Thank you.

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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@EuphorialQueen Thank you for the update, I don't have twitter. Guess I'll have to wait till August to play again.
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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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Immediately induced migraines in a friend of mine to point they can no longer play AT ALL. This is ridiculous, glad they're looking at changing it. Because I doubt they'd reimburse my friend the money he's dropped on the game.

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Re: Migraines from redesign


Merged your post into this one on the issue. The Sims team are aware and looking to implement an updated loading screen colour in the August patch.

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Re: Migraines from redesign

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Re: Sims 4 Screens Causing Serious Migraines

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I am also having issues with the new intro. The loading screen (colours, spinning, and such) are making me dizzy and nauseous. I have seen quite a few people having this issue, as well as migraines.

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Re: Migraines from redesign

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I am also suffering from dizziness and nausea from the intro (weird zoom type animation with the background shapes), and having issues with loading screens (and colours- which has never happened to me before). I literally have to look away.

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Re: Migraines from redesign

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Star I must be one of the few that like it, Wink  Large smile Though, just popped in to let some know that there is a mod available online by twisted mexi for the loading screen at any rate: >> 


Twisted Mexi UI Splash Screen



edit: from "soon" as is now (21/07) released to the public

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