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New Game + "GF" Pre Order Issues

by Twalker247

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New Game + "GF" Pre Order Issues

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Although i am new to these forums, i have been playing The Sims for years. I love the game, always have, I'm hoping we can do "Get Famous" right. Over the years I've had many ideas for expansion/game packs. "Get under the influence" allows for new interactions like gambling, getting intoxicated, robbers and tickets. A new active courthouse where sims settle claims, get arrested. New jobs could be judge, attorney, jury duty, which could be active hearing cases and facts making choices maybe have a chance to study law when we get the Sim State University (S.S.U) expansion pack. I have another idea which would also have another courthouse interaction, having custody battles lol. So, in this expansion pack imagine, everything is ok in simverse. It can be a little odd in the hallow, but just imagine turning down into a one way street  in the middle of the end of the day. Everything goes wrong, your tires go flat, your spouse can leave if they do not remain happy "surprise divorce papers" sims will now pay alimony and child support. including work project to pay restitution. you can now also take out loans at a bank and accumulate debt. maybe families can get government assistance now. honestly this is going to sound bad, but this game should be rated higher because it would be interesting to have drive-bys, news anchors around town, the goal for some is to move out of el barrio and into a nicer neighborhood similar to "Get Together", but some are just fine living a a life where the struggle is almost always real. of course it would add these to each town but if toggling the probability of those odds in different places is an option that would be earning a gold star. ps. since i pre ordered the sims Get Famous I've noticed that in build mode when attempting to place a tile the closest tile disappears. Another issue is my cat was stuck on the counter, even after exiting the game and restarting. Objects are not able to be repaired either. Any suggestions, Or ideas would be great. Thanks 

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Re: New Game + "GF" Pre Order Issues

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@Twalker247, this seems to be 2 different issues, with one to make suggestions and the other to ask how to deal with a Build Mode issue and a stuck Sim pet. Wink 

I don't think they would do a pack like you mentioned because they would have to change their rating, and Sims has been rated Teen since the beginning. 

But most people would want the burglar back in the game! Cool  Jury Duty, however is boring and stressful … not exactly what would make for good game play.Large smile   On the other hand, although it would be more exciting, I certainly wouldn't want drive-bys occurring in my game!ShockedDisappointed It sounds like you want some sort of combination of The Sims and Grand Theft Auto! Raised eyebrow  


Just a note, please don't use terms like "el barrio" because it implies that only Spanish-speaking people are poor.  Not only will people be offended by that term, it is also inaccurate, as poverty knows no ethnicity. 


As for your game related questions, you would have to be a little more specific so we can understand your tile placement problem.  Someone once had a similar sounding problem, but this was only when placing tiles around the pool and patio area.  Her problem was solved by using the Terrain Paint tool to make it look like some sort of tile had been placed where the game refused to place it! Wink  But, I'm not sure if this would work in your case or not. 

Also, some time in November (more than likely before Get Famous is released on Nov. 16th) we are getting an update to the game which will include the ability to raise and lower your terrain on your lot! High five  So, you might want to wait until these are released! Angel


Finally, most of the time stuck Sims can be dealt with by either traveling with your household to another location (either a friends house, a park, San Mayshuno, a restaurant, etc.) and then when you come home your Sims might not be stuck anymore.  Standard smile  But if this doesn't work, you can always try the cheat:

Bring up the Cheat Box by pressing "Ctrl"+"Shift"+"C" and then in the box type "resetsim FirstName LastName" (without the quotes) and then press "Enter" .

So, if your pet is named Fluffy Jones, then you would type in the Cheat Box "resetsim Fluffy Jones" and the pet should be unstuck! Angel

Also, you can try moving them out of the house and moving them back in, but this is a bit of a pain, so I try to avoid it! EmbarrassedLarge smile

Please feel free to update us on if you were able to solve your problems or not! Wink

Best of luck and Happy Simming! Party hat

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Re: New Game + "GF" Pre Order Issues

★★★★★ Newbie

Yes, two different issues thank you, I will try that cheat today, I will let you know if it works. I can understand the discomfort with me using the words el barrio, however I wasn't implying or overgeneralizing and people don't have to necessarily be poor to live in the ghetto or to allow these things to happen. I see where you're coming from, and I live in the ghetto lol born and raised and I've heard "the ghetto" called by many different names including what I've said, the only people who would really be offended are people who don't know the struggle because many people of many races call these areas ghetto and of course commonly AA's are called ghetto so i guess I'm asking if that would have been the same. Even if it was called Sims hood/SimBlock/SimPlot that would be acceptable or Sims Culdisack, but lets be honest, chances are no one will consider that a trap area. Siding with you i guess I have always said perception is everything so if anyone was offended, I apologize that was not my intention. Back to the topic at hand Yes a mix between the two more so on the side of sims tho. I agree jury duty isn't much fun, the active job was referring more to the judge and attorney. the jury would be the same as volunteering in TS4 now, you don't have to go with them Yes they would have to change their rating, but it would be for that specific game pack so if gamer didn't want that type of game play they just wouldn't purchase that game pack same as now... 

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