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Re: New Gallery Update?

by SimmerNatasha

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New Gallery Update?

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I'm pretty new to this forum thing but was hoping for a bit of advice. My game updated today for the new patch which included the new gallery, I was disappointed since I thought the gallery was perfectly fine before and the update was kind of unnecessary but anyway, I loaded my game and everything seemed fine until I created my sim and wanted to save them to my library. It loaded up a new screen in which I tried saving my sim but nothing happened? The 'save' button was acting like some sort of decoration- no matter how many times I pressed it, nothing happened. At first I wasn't that mad but when I came to exit that screen, the same thing with the save button happened. It wouldn't let me leave the screen. Again I was mad but thought my last option was to share my sim to the gallery in hopes that I'd be able to exit the screen and retrieve my sim. Alas, upon pressing the gallery button, I was confronted with a message telling me that the sims online servers were currently down and that I should try again later. I waited for about an hour or so since I really wanted to save this sim, but the same message kept appearing. Of course this really agitated me since the whole patch was pretty much based on creating a better gallery when in reality it was a completely useless update and now I'm hesitant at playing in case something similar happens in gameplay.

Can anyone help or advise me on how to solve this?

I've already repaired the game through origin and made sure that there wasn't another update that I'd missed.


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Re: New Gallery Update?

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You should be able to save to your library without issue. What may not work at the moment is uploading it to the gallery. They are doing maintanence to the gallery, as it hasn't been working properly since the update.


See post linked below for more details:


Gallery Issues - Please post here - Still some issues


If you're not able to save creations to your library, you might want to try moving the mods folder to the desktop, clear your game cache and delete the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder to help with troubleshooting.

Load the game and try saving the creations again to see if that works better.


How to Delete Cache Files

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Re: New Gallery Update?

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Thank you!

Added bonus for the links too, such a lifesaver! 

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