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Re: My dog just had 4 puppies???

by PugLove888

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My dog just had 4 puppies???

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So I'm a breeder on TS4 and my dog just gave birth to 4 puppies. I thought the limit was 3..? Also, now my household is at 9, and I thought the limit for that was 8. I'm not modded anymore, so I don't' know where this is coming from.... Any Ideas?



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Re: My dog just had 4 puppies???


@ToraTheDemigod, I don't know what the puppy or kitten limit is for pet births in TS4, but I do know that one of my dogs had 4 puppies in the game, so that is not unusual. Party hat  I do not play with any Mods or Custom Content (CC).  Standard smile


As for the household limit, it should be 8 (unless you have a Mod for more memebers Wink ) .  But I only count 8 thumbnail pictures in your household anyway.  I see 2 humans, 2 adult dogs, & 4 puppies. Where is the 9th member? Wondering

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Re: My dog just had 4 puppies???

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@PugLove888  I see another one above the first one. Standard smile So there is nr. 9

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Re: My dog just had 4 puppies???


@Kimo0wW, thank you so much for pointing out where the 9th household member was on the panel! Angel  I'm embarrassed I didn't see it! EmbarrassedLarge smile  


@ToraTheDemigod, do you by any chance play with Mods or Custom Content (CC)? Wondering  These will often affect your game in strange ways.  If you do, then you can temporarily remove your Mods and test your game with out them to see if that helps your problem. Wink  If you don't use Mods or CC (or if removing them doesn't change your problem) you can also try to repair your game through Origin. 

Please update us on what you find out!  Standard smile

Best of luck and Happy Simming! Party hat

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