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More sim ideas

by rolanda30

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More sim ideas

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I wonder if you guys are planning to do expansion packs that give us more worlds that we can build on? Also I have some amazing ideas for more packs:

1. Maternity stuff: the expecting sim can get more prepared and even get excited about the baby coming, there can be pregnancy magazines he/she can read and special clothing, even some better varieties of bassinets. 

2. College: I think there should be an expansion pack with a whole new world with a huge university and parents can visit or even attend the university, in the new world, there should be two small neighborhoods for dorms or fraternity houses. With one or two empty spaces for building. College clothing, new interactions, and even a few school events like plays and/or dances. 

3. I think it would be really cool if there were an “the sims 4 game night” stuff pack. You can invite friends over for game night, there should be board games, charades, and new interactions like sims “choosing team members” with the seasons pack, players can use the calendar to add game night to their sims busy schedule. Clothing would include new hairstyles, nerdy shirts, casual comfy clothing for the women and game themed clothing for the kids. 

4. (This one is my personal favorite) the sims “sims night out” 

sims can meet up and go see a movie, play mini golf, or double date. This pack should come with a new world, a small one that’s non customizable and already contains plenty of activities and venues for your sims to enjoy themselves. The movie theater gives you choices between a horror movie, romantic movie, comedy, or drama. Depending on which film your group goes to see, determines the mood your sim has after the film. Mini golf should help build fitness skills and when on a double date, it would be cool to have the group be able to take a group photo while on their outing. This pack should also come with a mini romantic carnival with Ferris wheel, cool new food stalls, and a feature that lets you stroll along a boardwalk. 


I hope someone likes my ideas!!! And I hope to one day see these as actual packs!  Happy simming!!!


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