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Matching RoM cabinets (and actually matching IL island counters?)

by tetremuvi

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Matching RoM cabinets (and actually matching IL island counters?)

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I love the counters for Realm of Magic even if they're based off of the base game/vampires counters, but I was very disappointed to see that they didn't come with matching cabinets. Neither the base game nor Vampires cabinets perfectly match every RoM counter swatch, and I'd like cabinets that have a similar decoration/handles, and we shouldn't have to use the Vampires pack to try to get a slightly closer swatch.


Also, will the Island Living island counters that were added in the most recent update be fixed? None of the swatches match, and one swatch is completely wrong. The end pieces are also noticeably stretched from the size and texture, and their waterfall effect is wrong. A true waterfall island counter would look like this, without the weird cutout the counters given to us were made with. And their pricing is 90 dollars different than their real counter counterpart, so that they (and the counters for jungle adventure, which if I recall correctly also weren't shipped with the game at launch) are the only island counters not right next to their corresponding counters. Also also, the modular shelves that were given to us in place of making cabinets for them are missing the last two swatches (the solid white and solid black).


I understand when many of the sims youtubers and streamers say that the counters and cabinets are difficult because each swatch has many different pieces, but when things aren't done correctly, that work is wasted. I won't use the Island Living counters or islands while they don't match. If their swatches are fixed but the end caps continue to be stretched wrong and have an unrealistic end piece, I also still won't use them, which is a shame since the baskets are beautiful. The same can be said for Realm of Magic--the swatches I can't match to existing cabinets won't be used, and will only serve to frustrate me every time I flip over to them. countertops.PNG


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