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Re: Lazy employees.

by Nimbindi

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Re: Lazy employees.

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@Nimbindi Not so fast... don't let me throw you off the path of 'Dine Out' and 'Get to Work' with my glitch or annoyance issues. Bottom line is that I LOVE both 'Dine Out' and 'Get to Work' and would hands-down get either of them before Cats & Dogs or the backyard pack. A bit of my reasoning and my top three pics/preferences on packs and why...


#1 ― Seasons  Very cool, lots of features added, and it made gardening and flower-arranging for a career interesting and a nice combination for my retail stores in 'Get To Work'. If you don't have 'get to Work', you can still work in the career and build the skill and sell arrangements - which can be pricy with certain high quality flowers from your garden.) I've had a lot of fun with the features of this pack... and it is WAY cool to see it snow and cover their world...) There are a lot of challenging parts that are a cool switch-up in your worlds.
#2 ―  Get To Work (I would combine with the 'Dine Out' pack so you can do restaurants also...) This pack allows you to build, purchase and run retail stores, and I use it a lot. ( You can also own & run restaurants if you add the 'Dine Out' pack. The restaurants are less profitable to my Sims for the time and effort spent, but are really a great challenge and fun. ) The stores (retail) are my favorite if used to sell their wares. You get a pretty nice profit if you sell high quality skilled items your Sims make (or grow). My Sim households who do this as a large household working and running the store as a group are both millionaires now. They do work hard and rotate managing/cooking for the store, etc., but it is a fun, great challenge. Just scale back to make it less work. Still... potential for great money!
#3 ―  City Living I enjoy this 'world' as an option for visiting or living in. I've always had my Sims in one of the penthouses or the 'Old Salt House' so they are not throwing away the rent money and because you avoid a lot of the hassles that apparently come with their apartment life.

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Re: Lazy employees.

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I made the mistake of buying Sims 4 off of eBay right after I bought a digital copy from Amazon for my grand daughter. After watching her play I got interested and wanted my own copy. I ended up giving that one to my grandson. So I needed a third copy for myself. Unfortunately, Amazon was out of stock 0f the digital downloads. So I went to eBay and found a deal that was too good to be true. For $4 I got Sims 4, Seasons, and Cats and Dogs. I then bought the backyard pack (so all three copies can run it). I was happy as a clam until 5 days later when the seller changed the password on me. Apparently he/she sells their account over and over, and then changes the password. I was able to get my $4 back but not the $10 I paid for the backyard pack (since I bought it from Origin. Anyway, in those 5 days, I was able to experience Seasons, and Cats & Dogs. After that fiasco, I went to Amazon, and bought the Sims 4/Cats Dogs bundle for $50 so I would not have to worry about anyone taking it from me. And of course, the backyard pack because my sims seem to like the water slide much more than any pool I build them. I did not buy Seasons because when I played for those 5 days. my one week of summer was 4 days of thunderstorms (which made ALL my sims uncomfortable). And since it costs just as much as the original game, I chose not to get it. I liked the snow covered stuff as well but not $40 worth of like.

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Re: Lazy employees.

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@NimbindiOh my goodness! You went through quite an ordeal to get your game up and running! Well, it's probably best that you just let the dust settle a bit and enjoy the game you have. I wouldn't judge the seasons by the poor weather you went through. Once you have played the game without it for a while, you may feel up for some changes, and that is a really cool part of what seasons brings.


Personally, I added packs one at a time, and most of the time when Origin had one on sale that I wanted. I picked up Cats and Dogs along with seasons (on sale) and didn't even try do anything with the Cats and Dogs area for a while because I thought it sounded like dealing with toddlers but less motivating.  Wink 


Keep in mind that if you add seasons there is a lot of gardening stuff, plus a florist and botanist career, which I have had a ball with! If you ever get both seasons and 'Get to Work', and if you like gardening and flower arranging, you can try out my 'Country Florist Cafe 2.0' (in my Origin gallery) IF you have a household developed with a cook, a florist, and a do gardening (though I think the plants you would need for the cooking and gardening are all in the cafe lot - along with the kitchen, cupcake machine, and flower-arranging table). I think that was the most fun to run for me, and they made thousands a day. You cook and make flower arrangements and the food (and produce you harvest) can be dragged directly into the 'Lice Cold Freezer'. Customers purchase directly from the freezer and all you have to do customer-wise is handle the flower-arrangement sales and clean some. Anyway, the florist career comes with seasons. Just one example of some things you may not have realized you can do with seasons, 'Get to Work', etc.


All depends on what you end up finding that you enjoy most in your gaming style. Also, remember that in seasons you can change the settings to not include thunder and lightening or blizzards, and you can turn off strong effects of weather on your sims. There is also an umbrella holder in build mode that you purchase and have each sim take an umbrella. They keep it and pull it out when out in the rain. Good to know... 


Anyway, I'm glad you finally got your game and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

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