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Re: Ideas of Sims 4 :) typed by me MimiDream fourm name on Sims 4 fourms

by puzzlezaddict

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Ideas of Sims 4 :) typed by me MimiDream fourm name on Sims 4 fourms

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Hi guys i wanted to tlak about some suggestions i have as of sims 4 and here they are as the following 


um for Unveristy i was thinking well if it's possible that you guys make a collage and have it for teens to aduts and having a activity like well soccer you guys can make it like you designed it in sims 2 and 3 and um if its possible maybe there could be like cliques you know liek cheerleaders, jocks, nerds and any others like eco friendly as well as one where goths could be in and each of the sims will choose what cluques they would like to go to and then you can even move into dorm hosues bassed off them so that way sims are all around there repsective cliques and such and the other sport activities i was thinking of besides soccer is well baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badmitten, lacross could be one and if it's even posstible PING PONG i would really like to see that as a activity but i would really, really enjoy soccer again that was one of my favorite things in the sims games was soccer so please if its possible and how about track, mathalon, spelling bees same for Maybe making an active high school if that could work like you can go with your teens to high school as well as collage like those that are really smart can attend university early and that's what gives them the upper edge like and if its possible maybe they can go to classes to also further knowledge them sevles about the active carrers so it would help them learn what to really become and what to really be as an easier decision if its all possible for this and yeah iw ould love it if fret parties could be included and yes i game a name idea Sims 4 goes to collage Standard smile so how u like that idea great right hopefully u can take some of this in consideration but if u can please do SOCCER, PING PONG AND VOLLEY Ball sorry about the caps but i really, really wanna see them sometime into the game if its possible thank you. 


Second idea planned is i know everyone likes witches and wizards right well how about this brillanat idea a world where there is fairies, unicorns and other mysthical creatures and how a sim can venture into ther eworld and see how they all live and if they are good people they can see a magical unicorn and interract with it and see how Faries live and even can become one to the point where they can cast spells oh and let there be evil faries to so there can be conflict and such and maybe the witches and faires could be friends/rivals like with competion or things and also with unicorns maybe the sims could feed them and pet them and invite them to live with them if they find them around int he fairies world and make sure its rainbows, tree houses, loveable mystic plants maybe even a secret tunnel of love for lover sims and loveable farie interations how does that sound. 


Idea third i was figuring out is how about a gamepack/ expansion pack bassed off of the preistoric days like you can play as a caveman and live in the days that they live in and do all sorts of things like bassed in the preistoric days and if you guys can add dinosaurs maybe like add them as a thing where u wont get to mess with them but like they roam around on there own stuff if this is possible.. 


Idea fourth of my crazy adventures how about a toodlers day care setting like you take your toodlers drop them off at  day care and they can do things like interact with other toodlers hang out with each other learn things from a teacher and not to mention that the parents would pick them back up after work that sounds like an idea doesn't it. 


idea fifth i know everyone would love this idea but how about farming expansion pack i think it would be very great and very learning and yes horses could be in your sims 4 game even if u cant ride them around place maybe you guys can make like a special place for them line in a fence in area and they can do those tricks jumping over things and barrel racing around the barrels as well as the sims able to take care of them by feeding, grooming, cleaning out there stalls and such. chickens sims could gather eggs from them and make sure the chicken coop is clean as well as feeding them chickent feed. Cows maybe the sims can learn to milk them especially kids and learn everything they can about cows and how milk comes from them and as for pigs sims can learn to clean out the muck in the pig pens and maybe clean them out and such then another thing is harvest crops vegitals and such and learning to ride a tractor maybe even go to a harvest festival and do like mini games like skee ball, basketball hoops, knock down bottles, bouncy houses, haunted house maybe even a amusement park with crazy rides like disney world in flordia something like that as well as magic shows being added as magcians would come and do there tricks and lets not to mention the fact of patchy the scarecrow can be part of this to like by maybe helping the kids pick out pumkins or walk them around the harvest festival maybe bobbing for apples, pie eating contests the kissing booth could be added all that fun stuff and even a circus can perform there for sims to go and watch animals perform it would be magical and lets not forget photo boths to can be a thing as well. 


Sixth idea this one is far most a good one i came up with how about a sims 4 game/expansion pack about the future like how you guys did sims 3 future but instead of flying cars how about jet packs, hover boards, hover scooters and teleportation pads as well as many other exciting things like roboots can become maids, butlers, friends, enemys, burglers and much more and much easier future carrers where u can have a roboot help your sims. 


seventh idea how about werewolves and zombies they should get some love to shouldn't they like they can be added in with there own creepy supernatrual pack and it can be wild like werewolves and zombies get more interactions like were wolves can roam anywhere they want and decide to turn sims into them and zombies well the can rise from the graveyards and terrize sims and try to turn them into there kind and lets have zombie love as well as were wolves love and have it to where were wolf children could be created and they can have there own world where zombies and were wolves live in and go wild 


eeigth idea is how about  a sleepy hollow world with the residents living in sleepy hollow and learning of the story of the headless horseman and the legend becomes real and if the sims aren't careful of going out at midnight they can actually see the headless horseman and it would chase them all the way to the one bridge to where they are safe or if they don't get across the bridge before the headless horseman get them  they can end up dead and end up haunting sleepy hallow instead as well s there being creepy toys as a toy store and not to mention other crazy night things like i said above like  a harvest festival and haunted houses well how about add them here instead in sims 4 sleepy howllow other known as sims 4 game pack creepy vile hows that for a interesting name there can also be haunting libarries, haunting schools, haunting houses, creepy cementeries and were wolfs can even live there as well you know to make it even scarrier. 

ninth  idea is how about a expansion pack involving all the sims cultures you know like we can have one involving eskemos and they can live in igloos and go ice fishing learn everythere is in a icy climate and maybe if its okay u guys can make a north poll involing about santa claus and maybe do the nice and naughty list where if the kids are nice they can get special toys made by the santa elfs and if the kids are naughty give them coal in thee stockings unless its implanted then no it wont be needed but maybe if the kids are very, very good they can go to the north pool and see santa and you know maybe pet the reindeers and leanr to take care of them as well as helping the elfs sorry i was hopping that can be a special idea thing you know. 


tenth idea is how about a active elementry school where kids can go to elementry school and learn things that normal elementry school students do and have it to where u can go with your sims there and do what high schoolers do you know like the same activities but add a bit extra for little kids type bassed and such like speech, special libarry classes, doing kid like activitys in the gym things like that if possible. 


Elleventh idea is well this one can sound cool but how about owning there own aqueriam you know like become a biologist and learning about ocean life and exploring more in depth water worlds and such as well as discovering more legends and finding out if there true and maybe add a zoo so that kids could understand more about animals and maybe enjoy them selves in a kids kingdoom i think that would be a nice thing and how about explore caves now that is a good idea and discover artifacts and go through haunting caves only to get spoke or meet with pirates that would harm your sims if they go near there treasture after embarking on a journey with pirate ships and such. 


okay those are my gamepacks/expansion packs that i wanted to share the ideas of now lets get to stuff packs ooooh do you like the sound of that well here you go achem 


one idea of a stuff pack i have is how about a bathroom with more bedroom ideas you know like more bathrrom and bedroom furniture like for an idea of that heres one i think everybody would really love bunk beds is one major thing we really need in this game so u can fit more then 2 kids per a room same can go for teenagers as well that is one furniture we totally need are bunk beds not to mention that with bathrooms we dont have stalls of there own into the game so we should include bathroom stalls you know toliet stalls and i was thinking we should add more decorations to bedrooms and bathrooms to have more of a wonderful virity of objects not to mention the fact that we need more bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles as well as more ideas of it so i think more toliets and stuff could be a thing and more bedroom objects could be as well if that could be done and yes u guys can add bedroom stuff for everyone toodlers, childs, teens, adults, elderly i just think its cool that a stuff pack can be involving of bathrooms and bed rooms. 


my second idea for a stuff pack is how about more gardening items you know like flowers, trees more virity and stuff like maybe you guys could add echo friednely stuff like solar pannels can be a thing to where u can use them and um well u know save on electricty not to mentiion i think it would be a very good idea of rececyling could be a magor inpact into the sims community like maybe garbage man can be a active carrer and u can follow your sims going door to door with the truck and collecting there garbage and taking it to the dump. 


third idea for a stuff pack is maybe a color wheel or if you guys can add more hair color for children it seems we dont have enough colors for childs hair see you guys did teens with dark blue, purple, pink but what about the children they barley get any of those hair colors and that is a major missing fact i think you guys should add diffrent color hair for children to instead of just being the orginal hair colors so maybe if possible a color wheel can be a possiblity not like you guys have to add pattrens into the game but a color wheel i think is a wonderful feature and with more added clothes. 


a fourth idea is maybe a stuff pack involving more activitys like if u guys wnat to make a seprate pack involving certain things like surrfing, ding dong dtich, egging houses, tping sims houses, pranks like for aprils fools day if you guys want add that into the holiday listing and maybe some other crazy pact ideas how about saint patricks day with more loveable saint patrick day items i saw less of those and maybe for valentines day to add more related objects for that and for the fourth of july as well as maybe doing bring your kid to work day you know like your kid goes with you to work to see your job they learn  how it's done and such. 



a fith idea is a simplar one i notice we need more active carrers so how about this one achem fire fighter, paranormal carrer involving the sim catching ghosts, a gypsy somebody with a crystal balls well i mean a fortune teller, owner of a carnival, magican can be a really ncie and simple one as a active carrer im pretty sure u guys will lke that idea and how about a actual toy store one to where u actually run make toys and such and not to mention a actual accouant carrer and ow about kids on disabilty stuff like that which can really work out wonders. 


sixth idea is snow boarding i would love to see that a thing and sking if its possible pretty please not to mention hockey as well as um more roof stuff like textures designng tools and such 


my next amazing idea of a huge expansion world is drump roll please okay thank you 

Let's do a medieval world you know one with wonderful ideas of knights, dragons, Pirates and my tresasure hunting idea would make a great fit and lets not forget the fact that sims could raise dragons into good or evil dragons and live the days of the medievil days and lets not forget jousting as a thing and the fact of getting hit with rotten tomatoes and being thrown in dungeons if they disobey there king/queen and how about jester that can be a good thing to add. 


well thats all the ideas i have for now let me know what you think sims team please i have all ears so could you pretty please add 


SOCCER, PING PONG and VOLLEY BALL its a realy great idea read below and contact me at [edit: email address removed] thank you and good day to all of you i am a huge fan of the sims and these are my ideas thank you 




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Re: Ideas of Sims 4 :) typed by me MimiDream fourm name on Sims 4 fourms

@mimirose12345  I've moved your post to the Sims 4 game info section, which is where feedback and ideas should go.


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