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Re: I didnt know sims 4 was better on pc

by Zoutepoel

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I didnt know sims 4 was better on pc

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I didnt know sims 4 was better on pc. Why would EA allow people to purchase sims 4 on counsel when they know we wouldn't have the same privilages pc does. I think EA just rips people off and the worst part is I didnt find out about the disadvantages of playing on counsel until I purchased over hundreds of dollars worth of packs. 


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Re: I didnt know sims 4 was better on pc

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You mean console? PC offers for many games a better experience and comes with the benefit of games usually being a bit cheaper. Console offers the most easy set-up and out-of-the-box solution. It's your choice really on what you prefer and you can hardly blame EA for releasing the game on all platforms. 


Perhaps it's a better idea to just read up on the differences and advantages/disadvantages of PC and console.

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Re: I didnt know sims 4 was better on pc


@icyandrea2000, I'm sorry you feel let down. Frown  But like @Zoutepoel  stated, in general PC versions of games are better than the console versions, epically if the game was made to be played on a PC like the Sims was.  EA made the game available to console players because many people wanted to play The Sims 4 but couldn't or wouldn't play on their PCs and Macs.  If your only computer was for work or school and it wasn't built to game on, but you did have a gaming console, then it would be better and cheaper to buy the Sims 4 for the console.  This is why EA released the game for console.  It wasn't to trick anyone, but to give them options. Standard smile  It is up to the person buying the games to research which format is best for their needs.  


In the future, always do research if there is a choice like this to be made, especially if you are going to be investing a lot of time or money into something.  It might take a little longer, but you are more likely to be happy with the results. :eahigh_file:  This goes for almost anything in life, from gaming, to buying a car,  to deciding which dog best fits your life.  Heart


I assume the options you are referring to that the PC version of the Sims 4 has that the console version doesn't have is the ability to play with Mods and Custom Content (CC). Wondering Well, to be honest , that might work in your favor.  Raised eyebrowStandard smile   While Mods and CC are exciting and can be fun, there are a lot of downsides to them! Shocked  Mods/CC require a lot of upkeep!  If you don't like doing regular maintenance for your game, then you are better off without Mods/CC.  (I used to use them with TS2 and TS3, but I had a bad experience with TS3 where I had some corrupted data from some CC or Mod I used Devil. and I had to take it all out.  I never used them since! Embarrassed )  

And by helping out here for so long, I've learned that a lot of problems are caused by Mods/CC that is outdated or broken.  Mods and CC can become outdated anytime EA releases an update patch (like we got a few days ago).  This means that games end up messed up Frownand the game player has to go through all of their Mods/CC to find the culprit and then they have to go back to the person who made that item and see if they have an updated one that matches EA's newest update. Disappointed  Mods and CC is really only for people who really will take the time to keep up with them to ensure your game is running at its best!  :eahigh_file:

I'm too lazy for that! Large smile  But if you are not, then perhaps the console version will eventually get Mods/CC. Fingers crossed


Happy Simming! Party hat



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