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I can’t find my product code! HELP

by Lilyedwa

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I can’t find my product code! HELP

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I can’t find my product code on origin. I have tried all of the ways I have seen on the web but none are working. When I right click on the game, it does not say game properties. HELP ME PLEASE 

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Re: I can’t find my product code! HELP

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You need to go to your game library and rightclick the game there. It will not work in favorites.

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Re: I can’t find my product code! HELP

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....I have never received a “product code”....(they used to put these on the plastic CD cases back in the day). 

In fact, my Origin account shows that I don’t own a single sims game....but on every single game u view in the store it says “already purchase” and I do have all the content and all the badges on my start menu.

ive often wondered if I could play my game when not connected to the internet. (I can play if I’ve loaded it using a connection but I can’t load the game without origin).  

I was nervous about this process....I’m old and liked my CD’s and product codes that I kept so safe lol.  I still have them from sims 1 all the way through until the digital world took over.  I stumbled on this post and now I’m I supposed to have those codes?  

Not.  One. Game lol

should I be concerned?  I can’t very well right click anything....since they don’t show up in origin In the “games owned” tab.  

They just always update, they show “purchased” when browsing....but not in any kind of list unless I’m in game st the landing page. 

I’m finding all sorts of “similars” tonight.  I need to creep these forums more often.  

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Re: I can’t find my product code! HELP

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You can see your code by rightclickimg the Game in Origins Game Library.then click Game Properties. You will see your CD key there.

The game is tied to your Origin account so you don't really need the CD key.

To play Offline open Origin click Origin and select Go Offline.

If you do not see any Games in Game Library:

This is likely a problem with Origins cache.

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Re: I can’t find my product code! HELP

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No worries then Standard smile 

i thought maybe I was missing something by not having the keys. 

Ive had to call a couple of times regarding account issues and each time I’ve brought up not seeing the games in the library and the response is usually “hmm that’s odd” yet they don’t seem concerned lol. I guess that’s why I never really worried.  I’ve never had an issue when it updates so I know they are “mine”.  Thanks for clarifying.  

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