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How to finish temple

by Tigerrun777

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How to finish temple

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I am in jungle adventures. I found a Omiscan Temple and it has 2 rotating puzzles which I have solved and cleared the green smoke in front of the door and it says I can enter next level of temple. Now I dont know what to do there is no treasure chests anywhere. This temple has a pool and I keep getting poisoned and falling asleep.

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Re: How to finish temple


@Tigerrun777, I haven't heard about there being a bug regarding this.  I tested my game and my temple had the treasure chests, as well as some excavation piles.  Do you play with Mods or Custom Content (CC)? Wondering

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Re: How to finish temple


@Tigerrun777, I think I might have misunderstood you Oops... I thought you had finished all the puzzles in the temple and didn't find treasure chests, but now I realize that you only completed the first level.  There are only treasure chests at the end of the puzzle (the last level that is the farthest down) .  You have to complete several puzzles to get to that point.  Try clicking on any decoration to see if you can interact with it, like you did with the spinning puzzles.Standard smile  For each level there should be an opening with some sort of barrier (fire, electricity, poison gas, etc.), and there should be one or more puzzles to solve, some being decoy puzzles.

I hope this helps you if you haven't already figured it out! Fingers crossed  Please update us on your progress! Angel

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