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Re: Free packs

by PugLove888

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Free packs

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Hi just wondering what the third free pack is on the new menu? I have attached an image with the pack that I don’t know about or the name of circled in red. 

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Re: Free packs

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@pinkcrush07 Hmmm..... I just double-checked and I do not see that icon on my menu/loading page. Do you have Mods &/or CC? Perhaps it has to so with those?


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Re: Free packs

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Hi @pinkcrush07 


Those are just 'free items', (not packs) it's described as only 'free stuff' ie: like the guitar.. (stuff packs are above this) also by clicking any of them you'll get a description of what it is. The one you're interested in, is just a Family Frame of sorts.. I remember it, but don't have it anymore.



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Re: Free packs

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l@pinkcrush07@SheriGR , & @Sashas0nic , I can understand why @pinkcrush07 called it a pack, as it is displayed as a free pack. Wink But @Sashas0nic is correct in that this free "pack" is really just one item.  In this case it was the family portrait which you got I think, for signing up with Sims Mobile.  I didn't get Sims Mobile so I don't have the picture from "pack". Also, I think this was a limited time offer that isn't available anymore. Frown  But it was the same with the Grim's Ghoulish Guitar free "pack".  That was also just one item, that you got by signing up for the newsletter. Wink

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