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Re: Dogs go to the bathroom on porch

by PugLove888

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Dogs go to the bathroom on porch

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I get really annoyed with dogs. Whenever they go outside to go the bathroom, they do their business on the porch rather than go on the lawn. I think this is because they have a code to go outside (if trained) but I would really like it if this were made so that they would go to the lawn, then go to the bathroom. Thanks!

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Re: Dogs go to the bathroom on porch


@MavandClide, I would like that too! High five   But to be honest, one of my dogs (who has since passed away Devil ) used to go on the porch all the timeOopsSickLarge smile  But it was mostly as he got older and his vision started to fail (we think he was worried about wandering to far away from the house, so he knew if he stayed on the porch he would be safe!)  So, at least the dogs in our game have real-life counterparts! Wink


I think this is just how EA coded the dogs, and its not a bug, but I do wish they would prefer to go on the grass! 

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