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Re: Do not know how to play the Sims 4

by Here4Snacks

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Do not know how to play the Sims 4

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I'am sorry I brought the Sims 4, I thought it would be like the Sims 3, I don't know how to maneuver the characters. I'am sorry I purchased the Sims 4, I don't play it because I don't know how to work it. Anyone out there feel the same way?
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Re: Do not know how to play the Sims 4


@marcy1881, The Sims 4 has some aspects like the Sims 3 (and TS2 & TS1 as well), but it has to have some differences otherwise you are spending your money on the same thing! Wink

The focus of TS4 is on the emotional system, which can be shown by and affected by the various moodlets that your Sim will get.  


I do not know if you are playing on a PC/Mac or if you are playing on console like PS4/Xbox. Wondering  I only play on a PC so the following instructions will be for a PC (which may or may not help you) Embarrassed



Some of the controls for TS4 are a bit different from TS3 too, but there is a Sims 3 camera option available in the Game Controls on the menu in the upper right corner.  You might find this helpful.  


To move the characters, just point your mouse cursor and left click where you want them to go.  To interact with objects, point with your mouse cursor on the object and highlight it to bring up a menu of options to click on.  This should be pretty much like TS3. Standard smile


For more information on specific aspects of the game, feel free to ask here (or on the official Sims 4 forum). Just be sure to tell us if you are on a PC or console! Raised eyebrow  Also a great place for information is "Carl's Sims 4 guide"  They have info on both PC and console versions! Heart


Other than that, as with anything, it will take a bit of time getting used to.  But we will try to help you if we can! Wink


Best of luck, and happy Simming! Party hat

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Re: Do not know how to play the Sims 4

★★★ Guide

I was so like you @marcy1881, got the game and went to build my first home and was all ‘what kind of sorcery is this?!!!’ But as @PugLove888 said if you go into options there is a box to tick to switch back to s3 camera which helps. It does feel super weird at first but trust me, you get into it pretty fast (I really love s4 now.) You can do what I did and have a ‘first pancake’ run through, play the game and make mistakes, treat it as a hands on tutorial etc and when you’re use to it make a brand new game and start from scratch, throw your first game out and enjoy this quirky AF game.


My hot tip is don’t let your first kid you really like mess around with the science lab or BBQ anytime soon, I burnt down many homes and killed many children until I got the hang of it lol.

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