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Discontinuity with the Fan Base and their systems

by Sid1701d9

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Discontinuity with the Fan Base and their systems

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I really do not understand the game developers at certain points.  They created the Sims 3 on a 32 bit system, and complained because it took up too munch resources, so what did we get for the next version a even more scaled back base game, because they are convinced that the people that buy random computers should be able to play the game at the expense of the majority of the fan base.  This led to the game launching with no ghost no swimming pool and 1/3 of what was in every base game.  Why is TS4 neighborhoods so small, its still so that people that run random computers can run the game right out of the box.  Snow don't have no depth, its so the snow looks good on random computers right out of the box.  Strangervillie a story pack but only gives you like 3 to 4 usable lots the rest is just special for story.  So that random computers can play the game right out of the box.


My question is since they monitor how we play and what parts of the game we play I am certain they can see what type of computers we all use to play the Sims 4 game.  I am  pretty sure its that hard to figure out in this time and age, I just don't understand as mainstream computers are catching up with the High Core gaming computers slowly closing the gap why can't we have bigger worlds with more lots, not worlds that look big and most of it are props like Del So Valley, this don't make since.


Most true gamers would get off the integrated card gaming as fast as possible because it doesn't promote true gaming quality graphics.  Most other simulation games are at least Nvidia GTX 650 or and amd radient equvuilant.


Most of the Sims community calls for University, however, they got to release Island Living because the YouTube and Twitch game changers call for it.  plus now is a good time to get the Island theme in with the grass skirts and coconte top covers for female sims.  The truth is Island Living has already been in the works for quite some time.  Earlier leaks of beach towels and other beach related things.  How come now we finially got the Beach lounge chair that many on youtube have been asking for years?


Also if I get that pack, how do I know that a mermaid I met in the Island Living pack won't show up eating lunch at a park in a Desert World, just because the not in world sims are not location specific and could show up in any world even weird worlds, and what about vacation worlds where they look out of place?  I wouldn't question them too munch in Jungle Adventure, but I have some fame to worry about a Mermaid being choosen to camp with me in a cabin in Granite Falls, Summer that's strange but fine, but winter that is strange and weird.


Also to top it off Realm of Magic as a game pack, steal more of what the youtube influncers want.  The majority of the Sims Community wanted University, not Island Living, we get Island living because its what most people that have popular youtube and twitch channels want.  Realm of Magic, I hope that gives us more occults besides Witches and Warlocks, but how many of the sims community actually wanted it over something else.


So I figured out now if you want to control the fate of a game you got to have a youtube channel with 1,000 of subscribers.  So I been working on my channel, getting it ready to launch and my channel is not going to be like the rest of the youtube channels on the Sims 4 that all cover the same content and all have the same format, why its pointless to be the same we are part of a creative game why can't the youtube channels mix it up a bit..


Edit: Let me add this:

This is the standard format of the Sims 4 Lets Plays


CAS for 5 to 10 minutes blabbing on about how good your random sim looks in it.

Next Game world about 5 to 10 minutes blabbing on about how cool or uncool the world looks,

Now 15 minutes of you blabbing on why your sims do stupid stuff in the background, they you make your sim go to do something interesting and your sim does and you blab on about that for 10 minutes to busy admiring what your sim last did you didn't know your sim auto choose to go swimming in the ocean and you missed the best screenshot of him talking to a mermaid.


So now you blab on about missing the best part of the pack for about 10 minutes.



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Re: Discontinuity with the Fan Base and their systems

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You made me laugh.
About new expansion pack.
I will not agree with you because how do you know what most players want? For example, I really wanted the equivalent of Paradise Island in TS4. The university is cool but without the attractiveness system that we know from TS2 can be terribly boring. Students will massively occupy computers and mess around. I'm not so sure also if the engine of TS4 can take care of 5 NPCs at the same time. They will die of hunger and dirt! For today even an active toddler left alone in the house for 4 hours will have strips in red.
About "Let's play" videos. Here I will give you 100% right. This is terribly boring and stupid. But boring only for adults, not for children. Kids, I do not know why they love to watch it. And that most of YouTube customers are children, we are losers.

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Re: Discontinuity with the Fan Base and their systems

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So you say kids love to watch, them most of the game changers themselves where or are kids, I think a few of them have grown into young adults by now, which is really funny, EA picks game changers from other countries to fly to the studio, because useless net laws prevent kids from joining networks in the United States.  I am so glad my I was a kid before though network law came in for USA, which my parents never had to monitor my internet access, but back than the internet was too slow to actually get in really too munch trouble.  They really wanted it at 18, but that would high school kids wouldn't be able to use the most resourceful sites for homework and research so they put it in for 13 and below that way parents don't have to watch their high school kids all the time.  However, they created the network child protection act, which no one on the internet enforced it at all for at least 3 to 4 years, its still not really enforced except in chatrooms on IRC except for undercover Cops.  My question for the Game Changers is I see people from all the countries, but I have never seen a Game Changer from the USA?  This is a American United States company, that is multi national, yet I have never seen American Game Changer videos on YouTube, I sure they are out there, but not very active because they are too busy with real life issues.

I am not saying that the child protection laws are not good, they are for the United States as they protect children, I am just saying I was one of the lucky children that got on the internet before the laws came into effect.


My childhood was one of boredom, I found the internet and games as a way to have fun, back than the internet was always a short clip away from disconnecting you, as the Broadband Networks was not available at the time, and the only connection to the internet was a external dialup modem to the phone line.  When the internal ones came about I was completely amazed but it still didn't change the function, you had to dialup your access number and on really busy times the access number would reject you two to three times before you actually got a connection, because they only had so many lines.  The always on Internet didn't really come around until after I graduated from high school and moved away, this is  when the child protection act really started to work, because of the always on access of the internet parents couldn't tell when their children where on the internet or off the internet on the computer, and technology even made it worse with cellphones, smartphones  including iphones, there is no way to tell if kids are on the internet with though things, this is what let to the rapid development of the filter software for computers, but there was little things they could do to control network access on cellphones until they came with WiFi attachments which meant the filter software could be attached to wireless network switches to filter traffic through all of the wireless network and wired networks.  This helped when the kids where at home, but didn't provide any help when kids where away from home, so the telephone companies developed a special kids phone, which the parents could setup access and filters, however, nothing like todays monitoring of kids existed than too keep them safe.  Has any of that stuff worked the question is 50/50 there is still kidnappings, and other problems on the internet like Internet Bullying, and that is even worse than what it was when I was a kid.  The Internet Bullying is even worse than just being bullied at school, which happened to me at a regular basis until I stood up to them.


Kids get bullied at school, and when they stand up to the bully they get in trouble now days because the teacher believes the bully over the kid that is being bullied.

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