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Re: Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

by SheriGR

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Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

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I was wondering if anybody knew any information regarding the dining table sizes in Sims 4. I am a beginner at creating CC and recolors, but I have noticed there is a lack of extra-large dining tables out in the market, even within CC. For instance, I'm looking for a dining table that would be 2 blocks wide, and maybe 6 long, if not longer? All of the homes I've created are larger in scale, and the dining tables always look out of place.


I know how to combine tables to make one large one, but I don't love how that looks with extra legs and weird texturing. I guess I was just curious if there is something stopping people from making an extra large table, or if I'm just the only person who actually wants/would use that.


Thanks for your help and feedback!

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Re: Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

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Personally, I would recommend trying to achieve what you like without mods/cc when possible, as they can break your game if not properly maintained. There are a number of table versions, especially as you add packs (and not all have 4 legs, etc.). I would recommend learning to use the moo (move objects on) cheat and playing around with various combinations of table(s) to find a pattern/blend/seating number that you enjoy for your purposes. Make sure you play test them afterward for full usability for the sims as intended, though.


Scroll a bit down the page to the "How can you move objects anywhere you want?" section ("bb.moveobjects on" cheat):

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Re: Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

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Right. Life is all about living within the confines of only what is given to you, rather than exploring. 

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Re: Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

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@jacksonvanmatre I didn't mean to offend - or to downplay your interest in cc. I apologize if it came across that way.


This video is an interesting example of what I mean.There is a section in it where she does a table combo of piling a number of longer tables together and creating a larger, very interesting one for inside her lovely and creative gazebo. There are many builders who use moo and other creative methods to achieve some awesome results! This is one of my favorite aspects of sims, and the biggest reason I spend and incredible amount of time building in my games.


Personally, I would call making excellent use of your imagination, available tools, and problem solving capabilities a huge part of what life is about - especially for those of us who design for a living. 

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Re: Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

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I said I already knew how to do that. I don’t want multiple tables when it could easily be one. You’re missing the point.

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Re: Dining Table Sizes Extra Large (avoid combining)

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@jacksonvanmatre A few things that may possible help to know...

  • There are threads at this link where you can voice your interest in adding items to the game with an increased possibility that EA will notice your idea and where others can add to the thread that they share interest in these changes to the game... which can serve to increase the priority that the feature gets attention: 
  • The new Island Life pack seems to have a round, casual table, but it does not look like an over-sized type (and I'm not sure if it is dining or not): There is also a longer, very formal table in the Get Famous pack, but I think this is also not what you mean.
  • You can visit MTS (Mod The Sims). They have many forum discussions, tutorials, articles, creative ideas, creators posting and adding information and downloads, etc. there. You should be able to get questions answered and search for mods/cc, etc. there.


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