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Re: Create a story

by Heather_Gbt

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Create a story

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Will create a story be coming to console? Should we look forward to it?

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Re: Create a story

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@Heather_Gbt It may come to console in an upcoming patch, but do not have that information or confirmation at this time.

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Is story mode available for Sims 4 console?

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I’ve been searching online for two hours now on how to do story mode for Sims 4 on console and I’m ready to rage quit my day. Halp.

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Re: Is story mode available for Sims 4 console?

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@ApricotSanchez Do you mean "Create a Sim Stories" in the new function just added this week on PC/Mac? Unfortunately it is not on console. We have no information about it's release/being added on console, but hopefully it may be in an upcoming release there also. We will have to wait and see.

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Re: Create a story


@Heather_Gbt, my understanding it that they plan to release everything that is on PC to consoles eventually.  But as @SheriGR stated, we don't know for certain if or when.  But I would think it would be sooner rather than later, since consoles have received the 2 most recent past free updates that PC''s received a few months ago. Wink

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Re: Create a story

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@PugLove888 Very helpful! Thank you!
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