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Can't place floor tiles

by sarahholdenried

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Can't place floor tiles

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I literally can't place floor tiles for my second floor. A grid will show just fine but I can't add floor tiles no matter what. YES I have tried making a room and deleting the walls, that does Not work at all, nor did any floor tiles even show up when I placed a room, just the walls. It's just an issue with the second floor. I need a second flooring so I can add stairs to it from the first floor, so I can have stairs go from the second floor to the third floor.
I just had the update, last I played, this wasn't an issue at all when I built a house and it had a second floor too, and flooring would show up when I placed a room, but since Update, the second floor now has a flooring issue.
Please help!

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Re: Can't place floor tiles

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@sarahholdenried Please refer to the other thread that you posted on, and I just replied to you in. There is a video that I made posted in the replies in that thread/conversation that has some suggestions and demonstrated a few things (like re-tracing a room to build the floor and ceiling) that may be useful to you in your current frustrations. Thank you!

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