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Re: Bowling Alley

by jpkarlsen

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Bowling Alley

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Product: The Sims 4
I want to talk about something you don't mention above: Bowling Alley
How accessible is the current experience? It's useless to me
Summarize what in the product is difficult to use. I built the Bowling Alley then I cant use it .
How is this making it more difficult? I can not make it public
How can we reproduce this experience? Tell me how to make it public

I built the Bowling Alley and now I can not go there or go in


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Re: Bowling Alley

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You need to change the lot type from residential to Bar or similar.

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Re: Bowling Alley

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Bowling Alley isn't a lot type, so you can't find this term in the information about the lot.
Select in the information panel a café, bar or club (left side at the top of the screen). If in this way you mark this lot, your sim will be able to visit it. NPC Sims will also appear there.
Of course, you must meet all the requirements of the game for such a bar. Turn this building as a bar and now check once more in information panel what is needed for the bar and add these things to your Bowling Alley.

I don't work for EA

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Re: Bowling Alley

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Further to @kreatora‘s comment, there are three lot types you can use when building/placing bowling alleys that will trigger sims to visit the lot to bowl. They are bar, as mentioned, lounge and night club venue types. As already mentioned, you just need to fulfill the requirements for whichever lot type you choose to make it functional. 🙂


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