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BUGS!!! Cheats

by NightmareAlice21

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Re: Skill Cheats?

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Last update broke cheats. No news if they are going to fix it.

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sims 4 seasons

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Hi y'all just got the seasons game yesterday and can't use most of testingcheats is anyone else having this problem or have resolved it

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Re: Skill Cheats?


@peytonelsie, and @CupcakesandFarts, there is some news on bugs that appeared with the new update.  @crinrict has stated that they are working to fix the fireplace bug with a patch.  I'm pretty sure they are working on fixing the cheats bug with a patch also (probably the same patch), especially since some people have stated that the "reset sim" cheat is one of the ones affected … and that is the most important cheat since it fixes stuck Sims!   I do know they are collecting data regarding this.  It will just take a little time! Angel

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Re: Skill Cheats?


Hi @peytonelsie @CupcakesandFarts


Please post about cheat issues here:


List any cheats that are not yet mentioned in the second post. Other than that, it's a known issue


Locking this threads.

Happy Gaming


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Important Threads

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Parenthood character value cheats not working

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I've just updated my game and the character value cheats will not work is there a fix?


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Re: BUGS!!! Cheats

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did you do the "testingcheats true" first?
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Why Cant I No Longer Use The Sims 4 Skill Cheat

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My Sims 4 Skills Level Up Cheat Use To Work. But Now They Dont Sense The Late Up Date 6,19th 2018. I Can Use Every Other Cheat But It Wont Let Me Level Up Any Skills. It Use To Work But Now It Dont And I Dont Know Why Please Help !! I have Tried Everything. I Uninstalled And Resinstalled... I Even Uninstalled And Reinstalled The Orgin.. & The All the Games And Packs I Have. I Still Cant Use The Skills Level Up Cheat No Matter What.

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Force labor cheat not working HELP

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Please someone fix this the force into labor cheat was working until I Installed the laundry day stuff pack. Ive tried googling to see if I can find something else but it's not working I've tried everything I've done testingcheat true and the put in sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor that's the one that use to work now it don't so then I tried the sims.add_buff pregnancy_inlabor it don't work.  Please help me get this cheat back it helps so much 3 days is a while to wait for a baby to come out. 

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Re: Force labor cheat not working HELP

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A lot of cheats were broken after the recent patch. You can find the collection thread in the Bugs forum.

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Re: Parenthood character value cheats not working


@DreaSatanus, your issue is more likely to get attention if it is in the proper forum.  This is the Sims 4 Game Information forum, but your issue belongs in the Sims 4 Bug Reports forum. Wink  There is a thread there regarding bugs with cheats here:


The recent bugs with the cheats after the latest update has affected many of the cheats (but not all of them). Frown The first 5 1/2 pages of this thread are not about the recent update's affect on cheats, but the last 20 pages deal only with the current problem!  If your particular cheat is not mentioned, please add it to the list!  I know it is a lot of info to sort through Disappointed , but your issue is more likely to be resolved if it is reported here! 



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