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Any idea to get the celebrity tiles back?

by aodoherty

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Any idea to get the celebrity tiles back?

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Hi currently i have 5 global superstar sims in played sims. 1 of them had gotten the celebrity tile in november last year in real time. He had moved to a new game after becoming the global superstar in the previous game. And he lost it in the new game as the sims are not allowed to carry anything in their inventory to the library with sim household. Everything had been reset, so he was not able to bring his celebrity tile with him to a newly created game.

In this new game, I added 3 more sims from another old saved game, 2 of them became global superstars together and the other one became 4 star celebrity. I never use cheats for skill, level, and money. So it took long time to put them on top celebrity level at least 2 weeks in real time. 2 Of them got married and got 2 baby boys. Also i got a new male sim from other simmer and he became 5 star celebrity too. But I got some random bugs in this game. So I had my all played sims move into an empty lot and put down their celebrity tiles. After that, i saved them and the lot in the library. I opened the lot and my all household in the newly created game. all names of my celeb sims were disappeared as soon as they picked up the tiles from the lot. So far, up to 4 sims lost their celebrity tiles.

Is there a way to get their own celebrity tiles back? I'd like to keep their own celebrity tiles wherever they go. I tried to get the celebrity tile using buydebug cheat but there was no way to make the tile recognize my sims’ names. If it was made by design, won’t it be possible to add the feature that the sims are allowed to recreate it only for the global superstar sims in the future patch? Thank you.

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Re: Any idea to get the celebrity tiles back?

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I got to save them saving the lot and importing it in the new saves, same tactic i use to keep collectibles, i have kind of a museum.

Anyway some of the tiles kept the inscription from one save to another, but not my main character (i have the memories of my past wifes tho.... But not my own.). I tried everything, gaining up to 5 fame three times and won´t generate another tile. I find funny how i can regenarate the graves of my enemies importing them and killing them again but no way i can recover my glory Frown

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Re: Any idea to get the celebrity tiles back?

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So finally i got a solution from somebody in the forums. I tried and worked:

"First to book a celebrity cleanse if you have already purchased some fame perks.
Second quit the spotlight.
Third use this cheat: traits.remove_trait trait_Hidden_Fame_CelebrityTileAchieved
Then step into the spotlight.
Finally cheat your sim into a 5 star celebrity and tah-dah you get a new tile!"

Just one note.... active testingcheats or u are doing it twice XD

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