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Re: Adding 2 CDs with the same song names?

by burin077

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Adding 2 CDs with the same song names?

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Hey everyone! So, I would like to add the Hamilton soundtrack to my game. It has act 1 & 2 as separate CDs. This would be fine, if only the tracks were named differently! They're all just named '1', '4', etc. So they're carbon copies of each other. I just wanted to know how to safely add both the acts in without screwing over my whole game? Because of course it pops up with the 'this folder already contains something with that name' or whatever it says.

Thank you! <3

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Re: Adding 2 CDs with the same song names?

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Windows usually will not let to contain multiple files of the same type in the same directory; for that to work, you will need to differentiate the file name slightly. I would recommend that you rename the 2nd file slightly in a separate folder before moving it into the custom music folder in Sims 4.


- B

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