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i can not log in anywhere from today

by Kissakias

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i can not log in anywhere from today

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from today and for 3 hours now in game launcher and in i can not log in at all.

Im a subscriber continuously for years with monthly

in game launcher it saying that i have wrong name or password or security key (if i add name and pass it proceeds to security key and when i add one, it says the same).

in webpage i add my name and pass and it proceeds to security key, when i enter the number that i get from my mobile phone that i use from 2013 or 2014 same phone, it says ''sorry we couldn't find your code'' no matter how many codes i get from my mobile and add them, it still says the same.

So i can NOT enter to the game at all and to the webpage.


and it seems the problem is that both of them don't recognize the security key from my mobile !!


am I the only 1 so far? Is it known issue? is my account hacked?

im in english server MALGUS

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Re: i can not log in anywhere from today

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Check the time on the mobile is still ok ? otherwise follow the steps for removal and then re-add the key again


if that app is from 2014 it may need to be removed and the new version added , see


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Re: i can not log in anywhere from today

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Im fine i enter and to the game and to the page but i didnt need to remove and reinstall the application from my phone.

I just connect the phone to the internet and validate  my google and EA account.

Im not a person that i enter to internet from my mobile so ill close the wi-fi and see next days if game will create the same problem.

THANK YOU for the reply and hope no need to do the specific remove-reinstall idea coz im too old for such things now.

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