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SWTOR Perchase Error

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I am attempting to purchase a 1 month reccuring subscription which is giving me a error stating
"Perchase Error
An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later. {0}"
I have been attempting to buy it for 2 days now and waited 24 hours between each attempt of purchasing.
I am in Australia using a VISA debit card which I have used before on SWTOR and it worked fine.
If I have not given enough information just ask and I will give you everything I can to allow you to help me.
Thank you to anyone who can help.
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Re: SWTOR Perchase Error



Apart from trying that card attached to a paypal account 


If you happen to have skype you can call them for free, 


See db woodynz post here with a link to numbers and how to use skype if you have it.

Using skype with that contact is a free call to the best of my knowledge, that number is only available as per the hours listed (Support available from 9.00 CT - 21.00 CT) so need to confirm time zone etc.


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