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Refund Accidental Sub Time

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Not sure if you can do this but I haven't played this game in what feels like 2 years now, hopefully you can check my last time logged in in-game. I forgot to unsub that entire time so its just been running while I've been gone. I just cancelled the subscription before sending this message, Is it possible to be refunded that sub time from when I haven't been playing?

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Re: Refund Accidental Sub Time



The only thing you can do is call them and see what they can and cannot do in regards to refund


See db woodynz post here with another link to numbers and how to use skype if you have it.

Using skype with that contact is a free call to the best of my knowledge, that number is only available as per the hours listed (Support available from 9.00 CT - 21.00 CT) so need to confirm time zone etc.


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