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[GUIDE] Client Repair Scan

by EA_Kipling

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[GUIDE] Client Repair Scan

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EA Live QV Team

When you're asked to run a repair on the game client, it means you'll need to make the SWTOR Launcher start a scan to find and repair or re-download damaged or missing files.


If your Launcher is set to Streaming aka. BitRaider (indicated by the letters ST on the lower left of the Launcher):

  1. First, go to the location where the game is installed, located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\
  2. Go into the BitRaider folder.
  3. Delete all files highlighted in Blue here:
  4. Start the Launcher and log in. The Launcher should go through a Verifying and/or a Reorganizing Data process, this is the scan and repair.
  5. Once the scan/repair is complete, click Play to launch the game.


If your Launcher is set to Non-streaming (SSN):

  1. Start the Launcher and log in, but don't hit Play yet.
  2. Click your Display Name on the upper right corner and select Settings:
  3. Click on the Repair button:
  4. If the Repair Scan finds files to repair, it will tell you how many, and then start repairing them.
  5. You may need to run the Repair Scan multiple times. The goal is to have the scan come back clean with this message, without having to repair any files:
  6. Click Close on the Success message, and click Play to launch the game.

Note: If using streaming (bitraider) launcher the repair function on the launcher used for non-streaming is disabled and will never enable to be run. 

If your Launcher is via Steam:


See this link for directions 

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