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Email problems

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So a while back like a month or so my old university email got shut down. I updated a lot of my old games and sites to my new email but I hadn't been playing swtor for a while. When I saw that the twitch prime bonus was swtor. so i decided to log back on. Well it sent a one-time password to my university email and I've never had much luck with the one-time passwords, but is there any way i can change my email or get into my account?

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If it is linked to your EA / Origin account then changing that email should of changed the swtor email as well.


How ever if this is not the case then phoning and get them to manually update the email address is the only way forward (apart from creating a new account)


See db woodynz post here with another link to numbers and how to use skype if you have it.

Using skype with that contact is a free call to the best of my knowledge, that number is only available as per the hours listed (Support available from 9.00 CT - 21.00 CT) so need to confirm time zone etc.


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