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Early Bounty Hunter Storyline bug

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One of the early story missions for the bounty hunter, The Last Fight, is unbeatable as the story cinematic becomes bugged after completion. I don't know if this is happening to just me but after numerous attempts to fix this, i have had no luck. Is there anyway this can be fixed, because this does not allow me to go any farther than the 3rd story mission.

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Re: Early Bounty Hunter Storyline bug




Some options you can try are to lower graphics settings to see if it will allow you to go past it.  If not try running a repair as per below:


Non-Streaming launcher - Log into the launcher but don't click Play. Check for small letters "ST" in the bottom left corner.
If this is NOT present, With the new launcher after login , select the username pulldown on the top right and select settings, then press repair.

Streaming launcher - If the letters "ST" is present, close the launcher, right mouse click on the game shortcut,
select open file location and delete the BitRaider folder. Then start the launcher
If that doesn't work you will need to email with your character name, server and description of the issue and ask them to skip you past that part of the mission.

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