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Re: Darth Zhorrid Arrives Bug

by proxos666

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Darth Zhorrid Arrives Bug

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HI there, I'm having a problem with the Imperial Agent Class mission: Darth Zhorrid Arrives. When I click on the Holoterminal on the ship, all that happens is a static image of Watcher 2 and my character but nothing else happens. Is there a fix for this?

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Re: Darth Zhorrid Arrives Bug



The only thing you can try at your end is the following


Swicth to window mode, lower all gfx and travel to quesh on the ship then try the convo


If this doesnt help you will need to send an email to detailing swtor username, server and affected character 


Mention that you are stuck on the watcher 2 mission and request to be moved past this point. 

Ticket time unfortunately is running around 5 days for a response at present.


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