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Re: Conquest Rewards Missing

by Matt53167

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Conquest Rewards Missing

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My character, Alisiss, sent this following message in a ticket (#32680759) to Customer Help on 11/29/17. So far, I have received no answer. Earlier today, I received the Guild Conquest Rewards for 3 toons that had completed the requirements for the week ending 12/4/17. Does anyone from EA or BioWare read these problems?


This toon and these other toons (Amexi, Chrystaya, Drenel, Reele, Rylonder, Ta”Vernae and Vylonthi) did not receive the Guild Conquest reward for the week ending 11/27/17. They all had in excess of 20,000 points for the week and earlier in the week had received my Personal Reward for achieving 20,000.

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Re: Conquest Rewards Missing

EA Live QV Team


Terribly sorry for the lack of updates. We're currently investigating all conquest reward issues from the last 3 weeks, and unfortunately it's taking a while. If you see your ticket is still open, don't worry, we'll get to it as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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Re: Conquest Rewards Missing

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Thank you EA_Kipling. I'm happy to see a response. Now I know that someone is checking out this problem. Thanks again!

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