Re: Can't login to or the SWTOR launcher

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Can't login to or the SWTOR launcher

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Hi, i'm coming back to (well trying to) SWTOR and I can't seem to login. My Display Name is correct, my password has been changed by me twice but I still cannot for the life of me login to either platform. Everytime I try and login to the website, I get redirected to the homepage of SWTOR and i'm still not logged it. It'd be laughable is it wasn't so irritating. Any solutions?

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Re: Can't login to or the SWTOR launcher


Is there any error message when this occurs? Have you tried clearing cookie and cache or another browser?

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Re: Can't login to or the SWTOR launcher

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Have the same problem..Launcher sad me   "There is a problem with your account please check your email for instructions". But still not get this email..  Display name and password 100 % correct...

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Re: Can't login to or the SWTOR launcher



See this link you will need to email in regards to your account 




If you have no security key on the account and you have also tried your EA/Origin password with the SWTOR username


then you are best calling CS to see if there is any issue with your account


see db woodynz post here with a link to numbers and how to use skype if you have it.


Using skype with that contact is a free call to the best of my knowledge, that number is only available as per the hours listed (Support available from 9.00 CT - 21.00 CT) so need to confirm time zone etc


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