Can't beat Spirit of Vengeance

by DarthxSmall

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Can't beat Spirit of Vengeance

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Is there any way to get past the final boss, Heta Kol, without 300+ gear? 


I came back to the game after not playing for a while (so my gear isn't spectacular) but I've never had this much trouble getting past something in the game. 

I know it's high level content so it's supposed to be challenging but I tried probably 8 times to kill her and the mobs take out my companion before I can even manage to kill one of them. 


This just seems really OP for a solo flashpoint... Is there a way to do this with a group? I'm seriously struggling.

I'll admit, I'm a casual player but I feel like I should be allowed to experience the story content just as much as anyone else. 

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Re: Can't beat Spirit of Vengeance



see if anything in there helps


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Re: Can't beat Spirit of Vengeance

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@proxos666 Dear Proxos666,

In Spirit of Vengeance (6.2 Flashpoint), I cannot defeat the last Boss Heta Kol. An extremely powerful enemy. How many times I tried it, it didn't work, I'm always dying. This Boss is very powerful !

I can't cancel the mission either. So I have to defeat this enemy to continue the game. Can you help me ? The link you gave above does not help Frown

How am I going to beat it ? What are the tactics ? My Companion is very weak, He dies immediately When Heta Kol's second wave assistants arrive, I am directly dying, too. I tried it in 3 different characters, I was always defeated

I read the forums, most players complain about this last Boss. A player with normal powers has no chance of defeating this enemy.

In previous Flashpoints, They were giving a warrior droid to help us. I wrote to the SWTOR call center, again I asked, they would pass it on to the development teams.

My Characters' powers : Level 75 - Item Rating 274. I wonder if these features are too insufficient for this Boss ?

Thanks !
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