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Account verification problem

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When I get to the character select, I get a message telling me I need to verify my account and a text box to enter my email address and a button to press to send a verification email.  I never got an email.  I logged into the web site and was asked to verify my email with the same information that was asked for ingame.  I got the email verification from the web site, but still haven't gotten anything from the ingame request.  This is supposed to be a one time only verification, but I can't answer it if I don't get the request.  I even checked the account information to make sure I had the proper email address, so obviously I knew it.

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Re: Account verification problem



I often find changing the email address tends to trigger the verification to work for what ever reason it was failing.


if your lucky enough to have just use to trial the different email, yet it is the same email address


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