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why am i getting a refund after i pre-ordered

by Russ380

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why am i getting a refund after i pre-ordered

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I purchased Cottage Living and I received an e-mail saying I'm getting a refund . why is this? Did i get charged twice or was there not enough funds in my account?

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reorder cottage living cancelle

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Hello. I pre-ordered country living (sims 4) but now I got an email saying it's cancelled? It also shows as cancelled in my account, but on origin it says I own it....

I always play my sims 4 games in English, while I live in the Netherlands. It's never been an issue. Origin shows the dutch version in my library. Could that be the problem?

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Re: reorder cottage living cancelle

Community Manager

Hey @MKLS1967 for issues such as this you will need to speak with one of our phone or chat support advisers who will be able to advise you further. 


You can contact our live support at  

To  speak with a chat or phone adviser:

Click on your product Origin

Then select 'PC

Manage my Account'

Finally, you can choose to begin a chat or request a call back.



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Re: why am i getting a refund after i pre-ordered

Community Manager

Hi there @Russ380 


Please reach out to an advisor about this here so they can review your account and investigate what's happened with that pre-order 

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