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the sims mobile tips to earn xp at home

by Brynlee0915

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the sims mobile tips to earn xp at home

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Hello there!!   I've got some tips for you on how to earn xp points while you are at home waiting for your energy to recharge.  None of these actions require the use of any energy but add a few xp points with each action. Remember the faster we level up the faster we get a full energy recharge!    Check out my list below, I just stumbled upon these activities while my sims energy resources were all depleted.   Do you know of any other home activities to earn xp points which do not use energy?  If so,  Please add your tips.  Hope you enjoy the ones I found.  I will add more when I find them. 


Housemates can have short conversations. I think this is well known.  


Bathroom Activities 

Sit on the toilet - not answer nature's call

Take a cold shower- not a quick rinse

Take steamy shower- not a quick rinse


Kitchen Activities

Gourmet Kitchen Island, practice knife skills

Chef mix-a-lot Mixer, Practice mixing ingredients 


Do you have tips to earn free xp at home?  I wonder if there are similar things to do around town, hmm something to look into. Standard smile

Happy Simming <3



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Re: the sims mobile tips to earn xp at home

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@Brynlee0915 Yes it is definitely something to look into, if you really want to level up and gain access to the things you need. But I find around level 50 or so I don’t want to level up if possible. I know you still get to play Events and do Wumples once you graduate, but it seems like maybe other players might not be as interested in being friends right off the bat, because you’re no longer ‘in the game’. Maybe it’s the opposite, since you probably have a much more interesting, fun house, not sure.
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