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Re: stuck loading screen

by piperandco

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stuck loading screen

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i tried to open sims 4 and it opened to a minimised window which when i expand opens just a white screen. i cant even close the tab i even tried to shut down my laptop to reboot it after a couple of hours of loading but its still stuck. when i go back into origin i can click the game photo in my library but when it brings in the info about the age i cant click play or repair or anything as they are all unclickable options. i don't have anything but the basegame but i was wondering if this was something to do with the recent update? although i could play it yesterday and i had the update? if anyone can help or point me i the direction of someone who can it would be grand. cheers!

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Re: stuck loading screen




Force close the program. Restart your computer then open Origin rightclick the game and select repair.

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Re: stuck loading screen

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Hi, I’m sorry how do I force close the program? I’ve tried clicking the X, right clicking my task bar and right clicking the game in origin and they either do nothing or aren’t available as an option and are greyed out in the options. Thank you!

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Re: stuck loading screen

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@piperandco  If you are on a PC, to force close a program, you open task manager, and on Processes tab, select the program (Sims 4) then hit the end task button at the bottom.  That will shut the program down.  You should be able to start the program again in Origin.  Might take a minute or two.


But if you are getting a blank screen, then something is wrong.  I suggest you repair the program.  Also pull any mods you are using and start a new game.  If that works, then a mod was probably causing the problem and you will need to update them before trying to play again.


Hope this helps.

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Re: stuck loading screen

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@piperandco im having the same problem with new update. wont allow the game to go past loading page
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Re: stuck loading screen

@SamMikaPetey  Does your computer run Windows or macOS?  Have you tried repairing the game in Origin?  Open your game library, right-click on the Sims 4 icon, and select Repair.


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