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Re: sims routing issues

by SheriGR

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sims routing issues

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I moved my sims into the karaoke legends apartment and now they cannot interact with any items, most notably, the toilets and showers. It seems to maybe be a routing issue since they also cannot get to their beds either. I have not used move objects, just alt placing, I even moved stuff around without alt placing and they are still having trouble. If it helps, I am using the discover university beds, spa day toilets, and bath, also the parenthood shower/tub combo which has had troubles before. 

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Re: sims routing issues


@lissrupp Please try simplifying the items in all rooms they're having issues routing in and de clutter the rooms by storing all but the essential items in your inventory. Now try placing the basic items clear of all doors and other items without placing via moo or alt-placing. See if the issue remains. If the issue resolves then please slowly re-add the items, checking for routing of the sims as you go. If this didn't help, please include screenshot(s) of the area(s). Also, do you have Mods/CC, or have you had them in the past?

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