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sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

by EsmeraldaLima

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily


@KittyMe9846, yes, I've been wanting that since the beginning!  There are times I want my Sim to go on a date, but they are in the middle of something (birth of baby in the house, pet shenanigans, vampire invasion, recovering from a house fire, or avoiding imminent starvation , etc.) .  I hate to decline, but usually can't go out at that point!  There should be the option to make a future date!  I mean, who would have the audacity to call someone and demand a date then and there, in real life? WonderingDisappointed If someone had ever done that to me, I would never go out with them! Large smile

So, feel free to make this suggestion on a sperate post! Angel

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I had my sim enrolled as well and it was a bummer that I felt like I had no time to explore or play around with some stuff at the university. I felt like all she could do was study or she would end up failing.

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Betreff: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I unfortunately just bought this game and it will not be good since the progress doesn't stop when you play other households. I went away for a few days to play their parents' household with other kids and came back to see they were on acedemic probation. 😢  I will just end up playing this one household until they graduate, and reload their family afterward. Then after that, I probably won't play this pack. Makes me sad that I got this pack and can't play it while switching between households.

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I was devastated to learn i couldn't play another household while i had a Sim in University. They completed the first term/semester with A+, I enrolled them in the next term and went to play another household for a while (3 sims weeks probably) and when i came back my sim had continued with time and failed University.... WTH I was so disappointed..... I wish that was a well broadcasted fact about the University Pack. 



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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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@wildlilly1969 When you play multiple households it is best practice that you only change playing households after you have finished most of the tasks. At least that is what i have experienced over the years. When you play with toddlers, kids or teenagers also applies for students. This means that playing with students will always take up to three Sim weeks.
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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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My work around for this has been to build one of the dorms with the number of rooms I want sims to start uni at the same time or across x separate terms as non playables get moved out when you bring in another playable sim. Made the ground floor of it a skills area, a room with PC's/book cases & a research computer, communal lounge, communal dining, chess table, robotics table, easels, a gym etc. Also had an outdoor party area. Set one of the traits for the lot to study spot to help, I think I used homey & natural light for the other 2. Then back in the main world, I age up each sim in turn, apply to uni and once accepted, don't enroll, switch aging off for them & rotate to the next family and do the same. Once all the sims I want to attend from various households are accepted but not enrolled. I go back to sim 1, enroll them & move them into my pre-made ready dorm. Save & go to manage worlds, enroll the next and so on until I have all of them there in the same dorm. I do have the game set to pause lots on entry. After the last one is enrolled, I allocate each of them their bed. You might lose a couple of sim hours while you enroll them all but no more.  I then have a dorm with all of my YA sims from the main world in it and drive myself insane trying to juggle up to 8 lots of timetables! I put aging back on for them in the dorm. I leave their families back in the main world with aging off, which is not ideal but it's the closest way to pausing them! If you want them to start a term apart then you have to leave them aged up to YA in the main world, with aging off, until the ones you play for the 1st term have completed that term, then after they re-enroll, do the manage worlds thing again & bring the next term ones in, same again for term 3. Managed to get 8 sims enrolled in the same dorm across 3 terms without them completely bombing their courses. They never left the dorm except for classes & literally studied, ate, slept while I sprouted many extra grey hairs & drove myself insane with all the schedules! Groups were out but I did go for an ambitious 4 classes each per term! It's not ideal & not how I would like to play it but sometimes we have to get a bit creative with our workarounds & that has been mine!

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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@gayle_afcb Very nice workaround! Props to you!

I ran my self-challenge in a household of 8 plus 2 roomies and a butler, 4 students, and 2 of them working full time, plus a toddler entirely experiencing the toddler decay bug. It was the hardest gameplay I ever did and I laughed at your gray hair and stress description. Grueling. I'm getting PTSD just writing about it! 😱🤪


I love your creativity and admire the hard work. Hats off to you!!! 

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