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sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

by EsmeraldaLima

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sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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Was so excited to play the Sims 4 University but starting to hate it very quickly. I like to play multiple households at a time and switch back and forth between them but I don't think this game is meant for that type of gameplay. I moved all the sims from my towns into University to create a sense of "school classes". Finished playing a household at UofB and decided to go over to Foxbury for a bit. Come back to UofB and they have failed the semester. Apparently the term keeps going even if not played. Is there a way to turn this off or am I going to have to find a mod? I find this choice weird because basically it's "finish the university experience or fail". Now I feel like I can't have multiple sims in college at the same time (like sims 2) and can't even play in normal worlds because of the same issue. Any suggestions?



PS: I've also tried to finish a term before leaving but then if the don't enroll immediately, they're kicked out

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I also play with more households and i was planning to move them all to Uni, but first I made a test. I just used one Sim and I can honestly say the time they give you for the term is simply not enough.

I only got to pick one class in the second term and I still feel like I don't have time to do anything else but study, do homework and go to class.

I'd request they remove the limited term day or make it longer, 7 days is not enough and if you decide to go to party and do other fun stuff or play with another sim you fail way too easily

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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@Valadenthys, and @EsmeraldaLima , I think the short terms are for two reasosn: 1) to make it more like real-life where you have to stay on top of things to do well in college, and 2) with both the TS2 and TS3 versions of University , people complained that the terms were too long and dragged on.  I think they attempted to fix that, but they shortened the terms too much! Raised eyebrow

But I agree, the terms are very short and we would like the chance to socialize, explore, throw parties, and  join the Organizations they made for us!  (Or in other cases go to work or raise children, if that is your story!)  The good thing is that as you play more , you will get the hang of it.  I recommend at first taking only one or 2 classes and no organizations, or just take one class if you want to be in an organization as well. Wink


And I think the reason you can't play your normal families whilel one of your Sims is at university is because that would be like them cheating for their degree.  So if you continue playing your student's parents while they were at uni, the student would n't have to do any work.  It would be nice if they kind of "froze" at university while you played with their parents, but that isn't how TS4 works .  It did work like that for TS2, though!  TS2 was the best! Heart

I don't play with Mods, so if it doesn't change I have to learn adjust my gameplay around it and make it work.Disappointed  I usually don't play rotationally anyway, and just use different Save Games for different households, so I will probably just have to create a new save for each Uni student in order to maintain the level of control I like in my game! EmbarrassedLarge smile  You might give that a try as well, even if it isn't your preferred playing style, at least until there is a Mod that does what you want it to. Wink  I do find it odd that the households in Uni that you aren't playing at the moment don't freeze like in TS2, since most people play rotationally! ShockedDevilWondering

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I 100% agree with you. I wanted to create a dorm with some of my already existing sims, so when my first sim enrolled to Britechester I switched to another household and applied with that sim. After the three days of waiting for the acceptance letter, I moved the second sim to the dorm and realized that the first one (which I planned to be a A++ student) had like 2 days of the semester left an I could not manage him to pass all of his courses Frown


This issue makes it impossible for me to play the game at all, because as OP said I can't even play another household while having students enrolled!


I'm super angry and sad, so I will not touch TS4 until they fix this bug (and I really hope it's not a "feature"). My Pokémon will be happy to have my full attention for the next time.



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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily


@bohne006, I'm pretty sure this is intentional and not a bug!  I could be wrong though.  I know the developers have said they wanted us to work hard at Uni and focus on time management.  I think then that this is part of that.  
So, it would be best to just play one household in college at a time, or if you are in the dorms then just play one Sim at a time.  You can set your game to not age your other households if you don't want anyone you aren't playing at the moment to age up until you return from college. Standard smile

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I completely agree with you!


Another problem I'm having is that by the time my Sims get from their Foxbury dorm to university, the class is already halfway over and that makes my Sims fail the class. I wish you could just get in the elevator and be teleported there like in City Living...

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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Pretty sure I asked about this not long ago; glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing it.


Previous Post: DU Question - Can you run multiple households in class simultaneously?  


- B

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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I have no problems with University stuff. I have 2 sims that have reached rank 3 in all 4 school 'clubs' and one of those topped out in the e-Sports thing. It is all time management.


Tips & tricks

- Don't move to student housing. Sims are too stupid to get to class on their own from there and always show up late, if at all. Attending from home, your sim is generally on time, but if they have to stop doing something else before they go, they will be a few minutes late.

- Don't take a full load. 3 classes per term will let you get 2 'clubs' to rank 3. 2 per term you can cap 3. 6 terms with 1 class each and 3 terms with 2 classes you can cap all 4 and pull off the sports team also.

- Don't do elective classes. If you want the extra skills they offer, sit in on classes at $250 each (if you have the funds).

- Try to start your term on a Wednesday or Thursday. That will get you time on the weekends to do presentations and term papers.

- Pick a club as soon as you are accepted and do the first round of tasks as quick as you can.

- First night at Uni, run over and spy on the folks for the secret society. This is the quickest way to get their attention. Leaving offerings at the statue is a crap shoot at best and needs rare crystals or excellent/impeccable sweets. Have food, harvestables, crystals and metals handy in your inventory for offerings. Common and normal quality items are fine for this. The 'to go' foods from the street vendor outside the Foxbury student union also work for food offerings.

- Robotics Club at Foxbury is the hardest club to progress since the stupid robotics bench tries it best to kill you leaving you Dazed and pretty much useless for a few hours. Getting Robotics to 7+ before attending Uni helps with this.

- Never Weary trait is a godsend for Uni and it is highly recommended you get that before attending.



- Due to a few odd bugs surrounding graduation, only deal with 1 student at a time in Uni.

- STAY on campus after your graduation ceremony. Your Diploma will be inserted into your inventory at, or shortly after, 6PM.

- When selecting new Career, DO NOT pick the basic Career. Look thru the list for the Careers that have a Rank Name as the career choice. i.e. 'The Boss' (rank 8 Criminal). IIRC the icon is a little different also.


Hope this helps.

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily


@DMCain, those are all great tips!    The only problem is that even if we start mid-week for the school term, depending on how many consecutive school terms your Sim takes, this might not be possible for all school terms, depending on the situation. 


But if people are having a hard time getting the hang of how college works in the game, it would be best for them to  only take one or 2 classes until they get the hang of it! Wink


Thanks for all the tips! Angel

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Re: sims 4 university: term continues/ sims fail too easily

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@PugLove888 Works for every term. Your term ends at 6PM on the same day that you started. If you start on on a Wednesday, your term will end the following Wednesday. The only way this changes is if you fail to register for the next term upon completion. If you fail to register immediately, you will get kicked out. I believe that you can pick up where you left off on your degree. No idea really since i just register when the thingie pops up.
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